Sunday, December 14, 2008


At first glance you just might think that's MC Serch from the rap group 3rd Bass in that photo above, but you'd be wrong. This guy goes by the name DJ Greenpeace and plus his "fourhead" is slightly bigger than Serch's, but not by much! Anyway, he's reppin' London and is very recognized and respected for his deejaying skills. Some say that you haven't seen great turntablizm until you've seen this kat live on the wheels of steel. Since, I've never seen him in person, I can't verify that last statement. However, I have heard a couple of his recorded mixes and they are pretty solid. I can care less about how well a DJ blends and/or scratches records. What impresses me is the ability pick quality records, which Greenpeace does well.

Put ears on his Chill Stereo Mix and let me know what you think. It's filled with hot hip-hop joints from the past that should definitely bring a tear to your left eye.

Track list in comments section.

Chill here and thank me later...

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SoundNexx said...

Here is the mix track list:

01 Gang Starr - DJ Premier In Deep Concentration
02 Slick Rick - Teenage Love
03 Biz Markie - Young Girl Bluez
04 Jamal - Keep It Real
05 Shadez Of Brooklyn - Change
06 Foundation Rezidue - Boogie Downs Got The Flavor
07 Group Home - Up Against The Wall
08 O.C. - The Chosen One
09 Bahamadia - Uknowhowewdo
10 Gang Starr - You Know My Steez Remix
11 DJ Premier, Common Royce Da 5 9 - Enough Beef
12 The Lox - Recognize
13 Juice - Ill Hip Hop
14 Nas - Street Dreams Remix
15 AK Skillz - East Ta West
16 2 Face - NYC
17 Big L - MVP Remix
18 Biz Markie - Turn Back The Hands Of Time
19 K-OS - The Love Song
20 Basement Khemists - Petrified
21 Major Stress - More Music
22 BSB - Body To The Music
23 Boogie Monsters - Honeydips In Gotham
24 Saukrates Ft Common - Play Dis
25 Down South - Southern Comfort
26 Top Quality - Magnum Opus
27 Ed O.G. Da Bulldogs - Be A Father To Your Child
28 Erule - Listen Up
29 Trends Of Culture - Valley Of The Skinz
30 Intelligent Hoodlum - Street Life
31 Kenny Dope - Get On Down
32 Lightheaded - Surprise Cypher?
33 A Tribe Called Quest - Like It Like That
34 Common Ft Erykah Badu, Q-Tip Farrell - Come Close Remix
35 Dwele - Lost Track Of Time
36 DJ Jazzy Jeff - For Da Love Of Da Game
37 The Strange Fruit Project - All The Way
38 Little Brother - The Way You Do It
39 Nicknack - Mustard