Thursday, December 04, 2008

I have been meaning to do this post for a few days now, so here we go. Whenever I come across a musical talent that is worth talking about, I try to give them some deserving shine on this site. Meet this soul singer named Jesse Boykins III. After hearing this dude’s debut EP entitled “Dopamine: My Life On My Back” a while back, I knew that he had what it takes to be a force in the independent soul movement. If you missed that joint, it’s never too late to put ears on it. Now, Jesse has just released his official album debut “The Beauty Created” which is just as entertaining as his EP. The album actually gets the edge over the EP because it has more music on it. The theme that both projects share is love, life and relationships. I truly dig soul music like this because it has definite replay value.

I hate to compare artists, but Jesse reminds me of Vikter Duplaix with a hint of Dwele and Eric Roberson mixed in there as well. That last statement is not taking anything away from his unique creativity, but they all share the ability to write great love songs. Mr. Boykins is in great musical company. The overall production is solid as well the album as well. It complements rather than overshadows the lyrical content. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing many more great things from this kat sooner than later.

If you enjoy good soul music give Jesse Boykins III a listen.

The digital version of the album is available on Amazon, so click the album cover to check it out.

Then check his Myspace Page:

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keyknow said...

i'm really feeling this cd. got it day one.