Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Me likey some Corinne Bailey Rae! Me likey her a lot! When I think of this songstress, the adjective that immediately comes to mind is elegant. She has a soulful classiness about her physical style, lyrics and vocals that is hard to define. I wouldn't even classify her as soul singer. She's just a good singer that creates various types of music that includes soul. Corinne's self-titled debut album really caught me off-guard because I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. At first glance I just figured she was another fly-by-night abstract artist trying to be heard via the Indie/Underground soul scene. I was total wrong, and I was happy about it!

Good news for Corinne Bailey Rae fans. She's for 2010 with her new album entitled The Sea which dropped today. Judging by the few tracks that I have heard off of the new joint, and it definitely has that flavor fans have come to know and love. The mellow production, soft melodies and sweet harmonies are all here. This would definitely be a good album to put on when you just relaxing at home on a Sunday afternoon. My favorite track off of this album without a doubt is the tune "Closer" because it incorporates everything that I like about Corinne's music. No matter how many times it plays, I never get tired of it. So, if you didn't know the new Corinne album was out before reading this post, you're welcome! If you knew, but you still haven't picked it up...what are you waiting for??

Put eyes on Corinne performing "Closer" live below. At the beginning of this amateur Youtube concert footage, the picture is shaking like a Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project double feature. However, things get better after a few seconds, so remain patient.


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Soulafrodisiac said...

I LOVE that song. The first time I heard "Closer" was at Hiro during her show last month. It blew me away. I haven't stopped playing the track either. Please check out my review on the album, when you get a chance. Huge fan of your mixes by the way, I live for them!