Thursday, February 04, 2010

Wow, it's been a minute since I have paid the singer Monica any real attention musically. She popped on the music scene back in the 1990s with a couple of decent singles, but her albums never really moved me. However, I have always thought that Monica had a great voice! I feel if her overall production choices had been better over the years she'd have much better albums. Recently, I caught an episode of her reality show "Still Standing" where she discussed her willingness to trust various music executives in the past, which she felt lead to the poor quality of her last few albums. Plus, she's had some serious turmoil in her personal life that slowed her career down as well. It's got to be hard to watch all of these less talented female singers getting all of this recognition. Monica is out to prove that she still has what it takes to make hit records.

On March 23rd, Monica's new album "Still Standing" will be released. I've already heard three tracks from her new joint, and I like them all so far. The title track featuring Ludacris has been floating around on the Internet for a long time, but it still sounds good. If you missed it, put ears on it below and hear what you think:

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