Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just like most fans in the world, I have high-expectations for the product that my favorite artists release. Even though it's a little much to expect a great album to be made each and everytime, but I still do dammit! It's the nature of the beast really. Fans are picky, selfish, harsh critics and never happy most of the time with anything, but as an artist your job is to make us happy enough to by your records. The funniest thing about music fans is that they can get music for free and still get pissed when they don't like it, but that's a discussion for another time. Anyway, I was peeping out that new Usher album the other day, and I will admit my expectations were high. Probably too high actually, based off of his last release. I've listened to Here I Stand twice and it's decent, but it's definitely not moving me like some of his earlier releases. I was looking for exceptional and all I heard was plain with a mix of average. It sounded kind of OmariChrisDreamLloydish almost at times. Hopefully, Ush will remix many of those mediocre tracks and make them hits in the end??

Until then, I have a something soulful that will hopefully keep you occupied while we wait, and I call it the "Ultra-Soulfistication Mixx" just in time for the weekend. Give it a listen when you get a minute...


01~koushik - only dreaming intro
02~usher ft. jay~z - best thing
03~urban mystic - where were you
04~a.b. - name
05~tony hussle - she's a virgin
06~governor - on my way
07~sarina leah - free it out
08~jazztronik - listen to your love (mitsu remix)
09~calvin richardson - holla at you
10~lina - bye bye baby
11~wes felton ft. raheem devaughn & roddy rod - put in work
12~tavaris - questions
13~vinia mojica - on my way
14~nadine - tell me
15~middle child - put something in the air
16~stone mecca ft. rza - oh
17~vikter duplaix - manhood (remix)
18~wes felton - dilla glows
19~adriana evans - all for love
20~angela johnson ft. gordon chambers - get away
21~lalah hathaway - for always


I have sponsors now, so I need to shout them out:

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