Sunday, May 18, 2008

No, his name is not Drawls playa (getcha glasses fixed), it's J-Rawls out of the mid-west reppin' Ohio. Yep, I typed it right, O-H-I-O! As you may already know, I am a huge fan of great production, so I have decided to do a few posts targeting producers that should be on your radar in 2008. Mr. Rawls (no Lou) has been doing his thing for years with the underground hip-hop group Lone Catalyst. Providing crazy beats for his crew over the years. Rawls is to Lone Catalyst what 9th Wonder was to Little Brother. Excuse me while I take a pause to shed an e-tear for the break up of LB! 9th, you talented, yet selfish and turrible-knucklehead, you're lucky that Phonte and Pooh are still making it without you or I'd fly to NC and personally eat your Fruity Loops software with some skim milk. Nah, for real though, I'm just serious! Anyway, back to my dude Rawls...the man is a master at flipping and chopping up the beat samples. The best thing about him is that he's created a sound all his own. His choices of original samples sometimes comes way out of left field at times, but he always seems make it something special in the end. Check this joint to hear what I'm saying:


Then J. Rawls has the ability to change his sound up and get jazzy with his production. It's obvious that he's a true jazz fan from the heart, because he's definitely picked some classics to flip over the years. Put ears on this jazz tribute record he did. I won't bother telling you what jazz artist Rawls is sampling for this tribute because I know you already know, right:


An that's not even it for when it comes to the diversity of J. Rawls! My dude even puts it down on the soul tip as well. Personally, I don't mind a little hiphop flavor with my soul music, but I like it even more when a producer can totally transition between the two genres. Not many have mastered that ability, but J. Rawls is one of the few that has. This joint is actually one of my favs from the J. Rawls collection. It's featuring my girl Jonell, who for some reason hasn't gotten her just-due-due yet. If this one doesn't get you head bobbin' check your pulse because your probably retarded or death:


If you haven't heard of J. Rawls until now, it's time to get familiar. Show J. Rawls some luv on his myspace page:

Keep your eyes and ears out for upcoming releases from the Lone Catalyst and Middle Child. You'll definitely be hearing much of their stuff in my upcoming mixxes...

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Skrybe said...

J. Rawls is that dude. I know when he drops something, it's a necessity to at least give it a listen (and most likely cop the joint immediately). Much props to the dude.