Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hear-yee, Hear-yee...all music fans need to put there ears on this latest mixx! This one is a mixture of old, new, soul, hip-hop, not so soul and really-really hip-hop joints! I can't play this one in the ride (a.k.a the whip, automobile, car, junk mobile) because I find myself weaving all over the road while listening to these massive beats. I keeps my stereo volume at 12 so that I can FEEL my music. Listening to music in any other way is just uncivilized, so step your listening game way up if you still have a tape deck in your vehicle. Even though I totally understand having that nostalgic feeling about the past and even being a cheap azz son of Biscquick, but I have my limits dammit! That's like trying to watch an Ironman bootleg on a 13 inch black & white television, so save up your nickels and get a CD player atleast. If you can afford an MP3 player, you can definitely kopp a CD player for the whip. I have a secret to share...I know a very popular internet figure that claims to have a Kenwood tape deck with her original Maxwell cassette tape inside it right nah...



01)hisd_cold world
02)roddy rod_take in stride
03)small eyez & 9th wonder_dothebrightthing
04)i self divine_ice cold
05)jane doe_bi-sexual
06)large professor_for my people
07)nas_life is a dice game
08)uni_let me be
09)tanya morgan_che tanya
10)panama blak/stacy epps ft. j-jarel_rhyme cycle
11)elzhi ft. t3_save ya
13)guilty simpson_pig
14)kissey asplund_you and i
15)rahel_let it out
16)rena_lonely nites
17)miguel jontel_god's in the building
19)houseshoes_get yours freestyle
20)prophecy_you ain't got it
21)black spade_as we
22)j-dilla ft. bilal_remember




Freddy Redd said...

Oh my...this shyt is crazy! I'm listening to this mixx now and I can stop bobbin' my head! HOT SHIT Nexx...

Thanks to the 3rd power!!

Jeremy said...

Wassup Mr Soundnexx ??? I see you still are dropping these crazy mixes and messing us up with them exclusives......
Well just to add some fuel to your fire ,i too still have a Kenwood cassette deck in my Golf Mk1(Rabbit) with the TDK MA-X for those crystal highs...Im gonna download this one and then pump in my ride over summer..Thanks again.

Freek-daly said...

Great stuff here. This is why I still like hip-hop! Keep up the good work friend.