Saturday, May 10, 2008

Digging through my many boxes of music, I came across a mixx that I did a very long time ago for a backyard BBQ. I hadn't heard this joint in a minute, so I slid the compact disc into my Alpine to put ears on it. This joint brought back many memories, so I said what the hell and posted it for you folks to enjoy! It's on the mid-tempo rhythm-n-blues tip overall, plus there are a few hot remixes that I forgot about as well. The track that took it back the most for me was that unreleased Rell track called "Never Know A Love!" I got this audio label stamped version of Rell's first album before it dropped, and the whole project was scrapped. I kept this track on steady rotation even with that annoying white woman talking through the whole record. The track is dope, and it still bangs in my personal opinion. If any of you folks have a quality version of that Rell track, please send it this way. I honestly believe there is a unmarked version floating around some where out there. I'm putting you folks on a mission that I know you can accomplish. I have faith in my visitors...


01~That's What It's Made For ~ Usher
02~Why Did You Go ~ Ginuwine
03~Shorty ~ Donnell Jones
04~One Last Time - Frankie
05~My Girl - Musiq
06~Why ~ Eric Benet
07~Closer ~ Lathun
08~Bad Girl ~ Jon B
09~Sweet Lies ~ Usher
10~Beautiful Day ~ Mary J. Blige
11~Dreamer ~ Carl Thomas
12~Realove ~ Musiq
13~All That I Am ~ Bilal
14~The Only One You Need ~ Donnell Jones
15~You're The One That I Like ~ Raphael Saadiq
16~My Heart ~ Frankie
17~Think of You (remix)
18~Almost Doesn't Count (remix) ~ Brandy
19~Tryna (remix) ~ Omarion
20~Destiny ~ Myron
21~Never Knew A Love ~ Rell (Bonus)


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