Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bare with me as I play catch up, and drop knowledge about some previous releases that may have been missed. This is a great place to start! You see that stunning young lady you on the album cover showing on the left? At first glance I know you thought that was a young Olivia Newton-John, but it's not. Her name is actually InLove. She's a soul singer from Nigeria, Africa that was discovered by DJ Cam a few years ago. DJ Cam took InLove under his mentoring wings and began developing her talent. She's been on the underground scene for a minute now, and InLove is finally releasing her debut album. It's called "Stories" and I was taken back by how soulful this joint sounded when I first heard it. InLove's voice has that sultry-hypnotic sound that deserves recognition. Add in DJ Cam's production, and you have the makings of a classic album!

I have consistantly kept this joint in heavy rotation since it dropped back in September, and I still can't get enough of these smooth grooves.

Get a taste of what InLove is cooking by listening to the track "Rain" below:

Fall InLove by checking out these links:

Get the "Stories" album here!

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