Saturday, October 31, 2009

Those of you that have been frequenting my blog over the years have probably figured out that I hardly ever speak on mainstream music artists. Why? Most of them lack true talent and/or they are already getting plenty of exposure through radio airplay, TV commercials and music videos. I normally feel there is no reason to post about artists that already have strong marketing teams. However, my main man Ryan Leslie is an exception. This guy is the best thing to hit the mainstream in a minute, and I appreciate this man because he's a real musician. He understands and respects music enough to not pimp the artform for a quick buck like so many others in his genre. Also, the guy makes great music! His catchy basslines and hooks stay on your brain long after hearing them. Ryan has perfected his sound, and with each album he seems to get even better.

R. Les is releasing his new album "Transition" on November 3rd. The first single from this album "You're Not My Girl" was released earlier this year, which was a banger!

Peep the video below if you missed it:

Get more info about Ryan Leslie and his music below:

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