Thursday, October 01, 2009

Remember, the emcee known as Royce 5'9" from Motown? His new album is called Street Hop. Detroit hip-hop fans have been waiting on this joint for a minute. I spoke about this project earlier this year when he drop his EP, but the actual release date for album is literally just a few days a way. October 20th is the drop date, so mark your calendars. Personally, I look forward to emcees like Royce to release albums because they actually deliver lyrics with some type of substance. Royce still loves and respects hip-hop enough to keep his craft in perspective. With all of the money making rap gimmicks out there in 2009, many have converted over to the dark side, but Royce remains true to his roots. Hot beats, clever rhymes and that's it! Truthfully, that's all any hip-hop fan should need.

Royce has provided fans with an album sampler until the official one drops, so put ears on it by clicking the album cover above. Shoutout to Onsmash for the link...

Before you exit, be sure to put ears on some new mixxes under the video player on the right.

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