Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sometimes, looking my musical archives is real treasure hunt. I enjoy reacquainting myself with artists and music from the past that have fallen under my radar. Recently, I came across a mixx that I had a made a few years ago with some of my favorite joints on it from artists that never got the love I thought they deserved. Some got more than others, but overall these albums never got the shine they deserved. Today, I want to reflect back on some of the artists and albums that definitely made music listening very enjoyable back in the day. There have been plenty of female R&B groups over the years that have come and gone, but one of my personal favorites was Sisters With Voices (SWV). They were a talented group of girls with a touch of ghetto fabulous flair that had most fans hooked. They’ve had several classic records over the years, but their best album in my opinion was definitely “New Beginning,” which was their second album. Don’t get me wrong though, their first album was a certified ghetto banger too, but the second joint seemed more polished. I can put this album on today and let it play from beginning to end without fast-forwarding through any songs. That album was full of the hot tracks like “You’re The One” and “Use Your Heart” how can you go wrong.

Who remembers Gina Thompson? This young lady was bad! Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good. The single most people remember from her is the classic “The Things That You Do” and the remix version was even better. Her debut album “Nobody Does It Better” was an instant classic in my music book. The beats were ridiculous to say the least, and her sound was like no other. It’s been over 10 years since that album dropped, and it still has remained in my rotation since that time. Have you ever had an album that never fails to satisfy your musical craving once you hear it? Well, that album is one of those albums for me. It got ignored by the masses though. Sadly, her second album “If You Only Knew” was never released due to some record label shenanigans. That joint was solid too! If you look hare enough on the internet, you just might find it?

Well, what can I say about my girl Nicole Wray. She was the first of the few female artists that were supposed to come out of Missy Elliot’s camp, which included Lil’ Mo, Mocha and Blu. Back then she just went by the name Nicole. When her debut album “Make It Hot” was released back in 1998, I was definitely hyped about it! Her first single by the same name was still making a serious buzz on the urban radio scene. The album did not disappoint and that’s mainly because Missy Elliott was behind the project 100%, so I wouldn’t have expected anything less. There was one other single radio single from that album, and the Nicole just vanished. Then she reappeared in 2004 out of no wear, now calling herself Nicole Wray. She released a single that I can’t remember now, off of her second album called “If I Was Your Girlfriend” that actually never came out. I assume that there wasn’t enough interest in that first single, so the whole project was scrapped? Come back Nicky…come back!!

In some perspectives Ms. Tasha Holiday is a one hit wonder kind of like Tone Loc and Eddie Murphy when he did the track “Party All the Time” back in the 1980s! I beg to differ though, because sometimes artists are only one hit wonders because their label didn’t properly promote their music. Her first single “Just the Way You Like It” was a banger, and I just knew she was going to blow-up like a cheap party balloon. It never happened though. Tasha’s career fizzed out like the sex life of a couple that’s been married over 10 years. I believe she was part of the Bad Boy camp back then, so Puff Daddy definitely had something to do with her demise. I haven’t heard anything about Ms. Holiday in a few years. It might be cool to see her trying to make a comeback one day? Then on second thought….

I have been a fan of 702 since they dropped their first single “Steelo” featuring Missy Elliott back in 1996. They were next best thing behind TLC in my opinion. They carried great harmony, good lyrics and catchy hooks. Their debut album “No Doubt” is still one my favorites, and their second album had a few nice cuts on it as well. Of course with success come large egos, so the lead singer Kameelah Williams decided to try her hands as a solo artist. She part ways with the group to go and work with Faith Evans at her new label. Kameelah never got her solo career off the ground, but she did write a few songs and sing background for a Faith Evans a few times. Rumor has it that she was supposed to replace Kima in the group Total, but that fell through as well. After an uneventful solo career, Kameelah reunited with the girls of 702 and they released their third album flop “Star” in 2003. After the group officially broke up for good, but I refuse the door on them just yet. There is always a chance for a comeback…

Now, that I am finished with my long-windness, I can get on with the music portion of this post! I decided to post the mixx that sparked me to do this post in the first place. I call it the "Girl Interrupted Mixx" and it's full of songs from the artists that I mentioned above.


01)Caution - Teedra Moses
02)When You're In Love - Tara Thomas feat. CL Smooth
03)No Doubt - 702
04)Nobody Does It Better - Gina Thompson
05)Raise Your Frown - Nicole Wray
06)All Night Long - SWV
07)Giving You More - Aaliyah
08)Just The Way You Like It - Tasha Holiday feat. Mase
09)Live The Life (Remix) - Fundisha
10)Don't Cry - Faith Evans
11)Brand New - Sista
12)Walk Out of My Life (Pete Rock Remix) - Monica
13)Backstroke - Teedra Moses
14)Into You - Gina Thompson
15)When This Feeling - SWV
16)Make Time - 702
17)Testing Our Love - Nicole Wray
18)Everyday - Tha Truth
19)Nicety - Miche'le
20)Distant Lover - Taral Hicks

Listen here:



Anonymous said...

luvin this playlist...I too, luv goin through my backups/cds and luv finding songs or groups I forgot about. I recently listened 2 the Sista album and the brand nu remix brought me back:)u should look 4 it if u havent heard it...
Luv your blog btw...I always come
thru ;]

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Sasha - I definitely remember the remix to Sista's "Brand New" joint! Ahhh...the memories! I THINK I have that one in my archives as well, so I need to pull that baby out and give it a spin...LOL!

BTW...This blog luvs you too!

tnygirl said...

i agree Nexx, Nicole Wray/Nicole does need to come out of hiding. I really thought she was going to when she released "If I Was Your Girlfriend". That was a hot one...

i love what you do... Excellent Mixx!!!

Keep 'em comin'

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Tnygirl - What's up Tny? Hey, are you really tiny in person? :) I'm glad you enjoyed the mixx! I aimes to please...LOL!