Friday, September 14, 2007

I introduce a lot of different artists on this site, but I get emails about this kat all of the time. Everybody wants to know who this dude is when they hear some of his music in my mixxes. Well, his name is Access Immortal reppin' Brooklyn, New York to the fullest. If I had to describe this emcee with one word, it would definitely be consistant!Most folks think he's a new artist, but he's been doing his thing for a short minute now. His career started out back in 2001 when he was performing regularly at some local gigs developing his skills and showmanship. Over time his local buzz grew, which lead to him getting his first record deal in 2005. AI released his debut album "Shades of Reality" that same year, but it went unheard by the masses. Personally, I thought the album was pretty solid, and I saw potential in this kat. He seemed hungry and focused, plus he had a confident swagger about him. At the end of 2005 he released an underground mixtape called "New York Yankee," which had a more gritty feel to it than his album. This mixtape allowed him to dive a little deeper into the subjects he touched on previously. It's 2007, and Access is on a different record label now, and he has already released his second joint "American Me" that just happens to share the same name as C.L. Smooth's first solo album. The new joint has the basic elements of beats and rhymes. Subject matter varies throughout the project, but there's nothing too outrageous on the album. He has a laid back delivery, solid wordplay and catchy beats, so if that's how you like your hip-hop definitely give Access Hollywood a listen.

Here are the tracks I promised, so peep these out and hear what you think:

Acc Immortal - Testimony

Acc Immortal - Monday Night Raw

Acc Immortal - The Villian

Acc Immortal - 9 In My Pocket

Check his site for more info and sounds:

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Jerry for London,England said...

Looking forward to this as if im not mistaken it was one of his tracks i asked you about in a mix you done at the begining of the year......