Wednesday, September 05, 2007

While the rest of the internet is still debating over who's going to sell the most albums between Curtsy Jackson and Kanye Omari Western, I am remain dwelling in the underground scene. Whether you believe that the mainstream version of rap/hip-hop is in critical condition or not in 2007, the underground has always been alive and kicking! That's true because of artists like my dude Hezekiah reppin' Philly. He's an emcee/producer that is definitely making his way through this hip-hop jungle. Most folks slept on his debut "Hurry Up & Wait" back in 2005 because it got no publicity. It wasn't until I heard the track "Soul Music" in a local record store that I actually started checking for this kat. When I finally heard the whole album, I was impressed with his unique mixture of soul driven production and effective story telling. He has a nice way of adding the necessary messages to his music without sounding preachy. Now, Hezekiah is about to release his second album "I Predict a Riot" on September 18, 2007. The first single from the new album featuring Bilal called "Looking Up" is causing quite a buzz on the internet right now. Since, true Bilal fans were feenin' for some new material from that dude, this Hezekiah joint came out right on time! Hezekiah is working with some of my favorite artists this time around like Jaguar Wright, Muhsinah and Aaron Livingston. From what I've heard from the new album it sounds pretty dope, so I will definitely be picking this one up when it drops. Check the album track list.
01. The Beginning feat. Muhsinah
02. Wild & Wreckless
03. If One Falls feat. Eleon
04. That Filling feat. Freeway
05. Looking Up feat. Bilal
06. Single Now
07. Let's Get Involved feat. Jamal
08. Bombs Over Here
09. Definition Of A Bitch (Interlude)
10. I See Yaw feat. Jaguar Wright
11. I.P.A.R. (Interlude)
12. Moments In Sometime feat. Aaron Livingston
13. I Predict A Riot feat. Keziah, E. Shon Burgundy
14. Freak (Interlude)
15. Gotta Love It feat. Tarentz Moreese
16. Ghetto People feat. Richard Raw, Chief Kamachi, State Store
17. Afro (Interlude)
18. Muhsinah Outro

An just in case you missed these, here you go...

Soul Music (video)

Looking Up featuring Bilal (video)



green eyes - the femme fatale said...

hmm, hadnt heard of this guy before, but you've never led me wrong before

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Green Fatale - I'm not that shocked about you not knowing Hezekiah. Most folks don't, but I like the dude. You know I got cha bizzack...LOL! I'm just trying to open up some different musical doors for folks, but it's their choice whether they want to walk thru them or not...LOL

Vizion said...

hey yo - hit me up if your interested in getting out to a wider audience?


...good writings btw

Anonymous said...

been missin it, it's slammin