Monday, March 20, 2006

Damn, looking at my Swatch Watch, it's about that time! I've been tied up for a minute, but I was able to put a little something on the SoundNexx site for my headz. I think this will make up for all of my deprived peepz that have been checkin for a updated post! Thanks to everyone that sent me emails to see what's up.... Aiight, enuff chit-chat, lets get on to bidness!

For those that already know, and the ones that have no clue, I introduce to you... PLANET ASIA a.k.a Bleedy Eyes! This dude without a doubt is my favorite underground West Coast MC! Planet spearheaded into the public consciousness primarily from exposure on Sway & Tech's Wake Up Show, the Fresno-bred MC quickly became known as a serious lyricist with both skills in crafting innovative deliveries and creating verbal tableaus. He's also been known for his collaborations, most popularly with Rasco as Cali Agents, but also with producer Fanatik in the nineties.

After breaking on the scene in 1998, Planet quickly gained a reputation for his crisp, intense rhyme delivery, his versatile lyrical content, and his consistent productivity. Planet moved from Fresno to San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. He released his self-titled debut soon after and never looked back, appearing on over 20 releases in the next two years. After releasing his second solo EP, The Last Stand, Planet Asia scored a major deal with Interscope Records.

I actually stumbled up on Planet Asia back in 1998 at a local music store, just looking for some new music. His name just struck me as odd, and I was very intrigued, so I bought it! I never realized that he would change my view of West Coast hiphop overall! For those that have known me for any period of time know that I preach about Planet Asia to whomever will listen! This kat has the whole package, and with the right push....he would put most of these average MCs to shame.

I have put together a Planet Asia Megamixx available for download on a limited basis! If you really like true hiphop music, this is a definite must have mix for you! Let me know what you think aobut my man Planet.

Click to listen

Download the "Planet Asia Megamixx" Here


ROBOGriff said...

Yo Man,
I hit the link, but I don't get any prompt to download. No links, no popups, nothing.

SoundNexx said...

Robo - Must be something up with your computer? The link works. I just checked it a second time. Other folks have already downloaded the mix.

Anonymous said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

Nat Turner said...

word !
I must have missed out it said sorry nothing availible
please put the mix up again?