Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Before I even start this post, let me be clear! The date today is November 4th and the time is 5:59 PM (EST). If you are sitting somewhere right now reading this post on your computer and you haven't gotten off your azz to go vote, close your browser immediately and get moving! The time is now sucka! Okay, so where was I...Mr. Musiq Soulchild. I have been personally pleased with all of his projects up to this point in his career. Some were better than others, but overall they were all solid. I still remember when he was opening for Erykah Badu back in 2000 at some wack club in Denver, Colorado as an unknown by most. The audience was just glaring at him silently as he sang the words to his single. The few audience members that said anything were yelling, "When is Erykah coming on?"

Today, Musiq is a household name in soul and his new album entitled "OnMyRadio" hits the streets on December 9, 2008. I must say that I am not that impressed by his first two singles. They're just okay overall, but I still expect the new album to be pretty good regardless. The track list that I have seen on the Internet show guest appearances from Common, Chrisette Michele, Shawty Lo and a couple other folks I can't remember.

Hear more tracks by clicking below:



kurt goBang da2nd said...

yeah, uh, i predict this cd to be boo-blah. the last one, he catered to what folks were telling him to do. i didn't like it. his past work bounced back and forth between mid tempo and slow stuff, to where u felt the slow stuff when they passed through. the last one was mainly slow stuff. boring slow stuff. i said "if he goes that 'catering to the masses' route, the next cd is going to be boo-tay. he's going to make a pop record, watch..."

now look.

i'll wait for the next one. that's usually when they flop, regroup, and come back with what got them here in the 1st place. the end.

SoundNexx DJ said...

Man, I can't totally disagree with your statments. Raheem got caught up in that Musiq vibe as well in my opinion. What was that Text Message song all about?? Trust me, I understand wanting to make money for your craft, but selling out the whole image that got you popular in the first place hardly ever works.

I will remain open minded about this new Musiq album, but if it sucks I wouldn't be shocked. Maybe, Musiq is trying to earn enough money to finally get that trick eye of his fixed for good? :)

Messiah of Soul Power Music Group said...

Have you heard the track 'So Beautiful' yet?

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Lou - Yessir, I heard that joint! It isn't too bad overall, but I'm not totally in love with it. I like it better than his first single though.

How do you feel about it?