Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So, it's the day after one of the most important days in American history when we elected Barack Obama as the President of United States. Words cannot truly describe the feeling that I have at this moment. I am still trying to soak it all in at this point. While I'm doing so, I have found myself in a jazz state of mind. When I get in jazz mode and normally pull out some classics from some of my favorite artists like George Howard, Mike Franks, Najee, Miles Davis and Joe Sample. Yesterday, I decided to pull out some of my newer jazz joints and I put in the new Fourplay album called "Energy" to get my head right. I have been a fan of Fourplay since the beginning, so I pretty much know what to expect from this group of legendary old-timers. This album is great background music! Fourplay is a good group to start with if you are unfamiliar with contemporary jazz and you want to play it safe. They won't let you down.

After the Fourplay joint finished playing, I immediately put on the new Kim Waters album "I Want You" complete my listening experience. This album has a special connection with me because Kim is paying homage to the legendary Marvin Gaye. Anybody that digs Marvin is cool with me! I have also been rolling with Mr. Waters since the early days as well, and he's been pretty consistant over the years as well. This new album is no exception. Tracks like "Distant Lover" and the title track "I Want You" had me in rewind mode for the most part. Trust me, you'll be hearing these tracks sooner than later. Well, if you have already join my mailing list by that time you will. Another solid album from Mr. Waters. Oh yeah, and anybody that still thinks that Kim Waters is a female artists needs to step their jazz music game way up. Just because you have a sister or an aunt named Kim doesn't mean anything dammit! His momma calls him Kim, I'm goin to call him Kim...

Skip buying a rap album this month and pick up some jazz instead. Trust me, in a couple of years (or months in some cases) the majority of the rap you buy today will be worthless, but jazz is forever!

Click the album covers to hear some album snippets.

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