Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Remember the early beginnings of the singer Carl Thomas? He started his career on Bad Boy Records singing hooks for damn near every artist on the label back in the 1990s. Most knew his voice, but many didn't know his name. Meet the singer Mr. Tony Williams. He's on the same path as Carl to a certain degree. You've been hearing his voice for years now and you probably just didn't know it. Instead of Puffy's Bad Boy Record label, Tony is a member of Kanye's G.O.O.D Music label. Mr. Williams not only provides top notch vocals for those soulful Kanye West hooks, but he also writes music as well. Their musical bond dwells deeper than most because Kanye and Tony are first cousins. I'm quite sure having a family member like Kanye has helped Tony's opportunities for success overall, but who's complaining. Make no mistake though, Tony is a big part of the Kanye West sound that we know and love. Well, we love his sound most of the time anyway. Sometimes, his experimental edgyness can make even the most loyal fan to say WTFITS!

Anyway, it's Tony's time to finally shine and make his mark on the soul music game. Tony's debut album "The King or The Fool" hits the streets officially on...um...I wish I knew? No official word on when the new album will be available. All isn't lost though because I have provided some video footage that should be pleasing to the eyes and ears:

The Interview/Album Info

Dreaming of Your Love

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