Sunday, November 09, 2008

Whoever said that being in a intimate relationship was easy? How many of you have been one of these folks in this picture shown on the left at one time or another? Honestly, if you haven't found yourself in a debate turned argument with that special person in your life by now, keep working at it because it's bond to happen! No matter how well you think you know a person of the opposite sex, there are things about them that you will never truly understand. Have you ever asked your partner what you thought was a very simple question and found yourself in the middle of a heated argument over a subject that had nothing to do with what you originally asked about? My favorite argument is the one that starts with the word WHY. Why didn't you take out the garbage? Why didn't you call? Why is she or he here? Why don't you spend more time with me? Why are you always on the Internet? Why didn't you make up the bed? Why are you choking me? Why ask why? Does any of these questions sound familiar?

The truth is, no matter how much you may like or even love a person, relationships are rewardingly difficult when it comes to maintaining some sort of happiness. Unfortunately, arguing is a necessary part of the relationship process. I'm no relationship counselor, but trust me when I tell you that saying phrases like "Get the f*** out of my face fatty" or "Now, I see why you didn't graduate" won't help matters during an argument. Just thought I'd share that with you kind folks because Nexx truly cares.

This post was not created to cure your argument woes, but instead to remind you that you are not alone in this hectic battle of misunderstandings. Will there ever be a true cure for the argument blues? Hell no, but some good music can sure smooth things over at times. Next time you are in the middle of nasty argument, just stop in mid-curse and put on some Sade! Watch how quickly things turn around. Only the Devil himself doesn't get a warm fuzzy feeling when Sade is playing in the background. Try it and let me know if it works for you. That piece of advice is on the house!

Now, let's get into some good music. I've put together a musical fruit salad of tasty sounds for your enjoyment. Most of the tracks are talking about relationships in some way, shape or form. I call it the Luvly Termoil, so put ears on it when you get a chance.


01~We Fight/Love
02~Silent Treatment
03~I Must Love You
05~Without You
06~Take Your Time
08~To Know You
09~All The Way
10~The Light
12~House of Cards
13~Look What You Are Doing To Me
15~Passin Me By (Pie Remix)
16~Just Like A Man
19~Gets Open

Arguing is a sport!

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Kurt GoBang da2nd said...

man, i can't tell you how much i needed this post. and the fact that your words reflected what i was arguing about this weekend (oh, the coincidence!) makes me feel that much better about calling my girl a complete combative moron for no friggin' reason. well, in my mind of course, but i was thinking REALLY hard! now the really, REALLY funny part was we were arguing for maybe 2-3 hours about this crap, and of course i was just repeating myself the whole time: it doesn't make a difference what you may go through, as long as the love is strong, everything else is small shtuff. of course she didn't get it (or at least was doing a good job acting like she didn't get it, but whatever), so we did the "agree to disagree" thing. so we're watching the simpsons (one of the many reasons she's my boo boo), marge basically says the same thing i said, and she says "oh, she is so right!"

i could have jackie chan'ed her in her neck...