Monday, November 17, 2008

I've been out of pocket these last few days, but I'm back for a hot minute to drop this slice of soulful bliss for your listening pleasure. For those of you that are actually experiencing the symptoms of winter at this point, I hope this mixx can warm your ears up just a little. Here in Michigan it takes a helluva lot more than music to warm up. You definitely need your long-johns (long underwear), a warm coat, snug hat and a good pair of gloves. I just experienced my first light snowstorm of the year yesterday, and I'm not too happy about it! With snow comes ice, which equals a horrible driving experience for me on the Michigan roads. It's not me, but it is these non-driving suckaz that are hydroplaning all over the street on balled donut tires that they should have changed back in the summertime causing problems. Sometimes, I feel like the only person on the planet that actually winterizes their vehicle. I swear that I am going to save me up some money and buy me a damn helicopter, so that I can finally put my car in the garage for good. Anybody got the hook up for a cheap chopper and pilot combo?? Let me know...

Until then:

01-exile ~ in the night 22
02-georgia anne muldrow - play dead
03-jon b ~ won't u say yeah
04-e.bland ~ wash the mirror
05-jon bibbs ~ found love
06-darien brockington ~ next to you
07-usher ~ here i stand
08-purple st. james ~ oooh baby u
09-erykah badu ~ me
10-lizz fields ~ i gotta go
11-88keys/j*davey ~ dirty peaches
12-illa j ~ everytime
13-tony williams/dakota ~ hey boy, hey girl
14-jesse boykins ~ amorous
15-eric lau/annarel/rahel/sanina ~ begin
16-q*tip/d'angelo - believe
17-mika arisaka ~ sparkle
18-colossus/flash ~contemplating
19-steve smith/raheem ~ lost tapes
20-s1/darien brockington ~ tire
21-slum village/busta rhymes ~ the hustle

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Nikki said...

Ah, something else to add to my Zune for the weekend.