Monday, July 21, 2008

Emceeism is not just a state of mind, but it's actually a way of life for some artists. That's when a rapper writes rhymes of their own that actually rhyme (go figure) and the rhymes have some substance. No, these rhymes don't have to be about making the world a better place or how to stop homeless people from standing the freeway ramps begging, but they should speak about something relevant. What's relevant to you may not be relevant to me, and that is what makes hip-hop music so great. Somewhere down the line that concept was lost to a degree, and I don't how or when it happened. How a rapper can make a song about absolutely nothing is amazing to me. I used to think it was impossible to do such a thing, but sadly I've heard it done several times over the years.

Fortunately, there are still some rappers that still give a damn making music, and one them is named Skillz f.n.a Mad Skillz. I was an original fan of this kat when he first dropped the banging track "Nod Factor" back in the 90s! Back then I thought Skillz was going to be a staple in hip-hop, but sadly his music career has been hit or miss up to this point. Most people can't name 4 songs that Skillz has made throughout his career other than his infamous "Rap Up" tracks that he drops annually. His ability to spit about a whole year's worth of news and gossip in just over 4 minutes is impressive to say the least. It definitely shows that Skillz has not lost a rhyming step over the years, plus it gives a little merit to his rumored endeavors as a ghostwriter for many of your favorite rappers. No matter if you like Skillz or not, you definitely have to respect the man as a true emcee. Well, I guess you don't have to really??

Skillz is back in 2008 to try and prove himself to the masses once again that he deserves to be on your Top 10 List of greatest emcees ever. I can honestly admit that Skillz new album "The Million Dollar Backpack" is his best album to date since his debut! Hot beats, solid rhymes and honorable guest appearances are all present this time around. The album officially drops on July 22, 2008, which just happens to be tomorrow! Support good music!

Put ears on the track that has kept my head nodding for a minute now:

Don't Act Like You Don't Know feat. Freeway

Then peep these sites for of Skillz music:

Then view the classic video:

Mad Skillz - Nod Factor

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