Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After a very busy and extended week of weddings, parties and BBQs, I'm back up in this bizzle once again. I'm feeling pretty good too! Got to see some friends and family over the holiday that I haven't seen in a while, so it was cool catching up a little bit. Even with my tight schedule, I was still able to put a little something together to get your musical heads right. It's simply called "The Feel Good Mixx"...filled with good music and vibes that will hopefully get you folks through the work week. As usual, put ears on this mixx when you get a minute.

I would like to welcome all of my new visitors to the SoundNexx Experience. I recognize that most of you newbies enjoy going through my massive archives to read the past posts and download the mixxes that you have missed up to this point. Some of you even leave me comments on posts that I may have done one year ago, which is cool! Better late than never, right?Don't think that I am not reading your comments because my reply may be delayed at times, because I am. I'm always down for a good debate or just a simple exchange of opinions.

Okay, on to the real reason why you come through here...


01-Berry Feel Gooood Intro
02-Nathea - Can You Be My Ghurl
03-Greg Street ft. Nappy Roots - Good Day
04-Ashanti ft. Jerm Dupri - Good Good
05-Dwele ft. Bahamadia - High
06-Honore - Wonderful
07-Common ft. Pharell - Announcement
08-Mos Def - Travellin' Man (Green Remix)
09-Olivier Daysoul - She Proto 2
10-Wayna - Not Gonna Go
11-Kam Moye - Where & Why
12-Dwele - If You Want To
13-Little Brother ft. Tiye Phoenix - Too Late For Us
14-Peter Hadar - Sleeping Pills
15-Hil St. Soul - Black Rose
16-Muneshine - Today's Special
17-INT - Beat 8
18-Rick James - Mary Jane (G. Lantern Remix)
19-V - She Wants To Be
20-Lettuce ft. Dwele - Move On Up
21-Sleepy Brown - Till (Your Legs Start Shaking)
22-Up Hygh ft. Little Brother - Keep On
23-Dwele - 5 Dolla Mic
24-Kindred The Family Soul - If I




Komba Kay said...

Yo SoundNexx, that intro is dope homie! I couldn't remember what movie that came from initially, but I finally figured it out. Nice mixx too!!

kurt gobang said...

yeah, uh, i didn't hear this yet. the end.

yo, i was watching fireworks in best buy's parking lot here in ATL. that was definitely an experience, to say the least. cats had lawn chairs, bbq grills, friggin' beach balls... all kinds of crap. IN THE PARKING LOT. it wasn't even any kind of best buy thing. it was crazy.

the end. uh, again...

rallie said...

This is a great mixx, but I expect nothing less. Appreciate the hard work you put in on this site.