Monday, July 28, 2008


That producer kat Rawlsey a.k.a J*Rawls is back with another jazzy hip-hop instrumental follow-up release to the first "Liquid Crystal Project" joint he dropped back in 2006. A lot of ya'll slept right through the first joint, but I'm not surprised about it. I stumbled up on the first album myself, and I was glad I did too because it was definitely a nice change of musical pace. I have always been a fan of that jazzy hip-hop fusion. The Liquid 2 project keeps that same vibe going strong. It's full of funky hip-hop baseline with a nice touch of jazz. You should have already heard the "The Beatnuts Tribute" because it was showcased in my last mixx. But, here's another joint you can put your ears on as well...

J*Rawls - Tribute To The Beatminerz

This chumpy dropped in Japan back in May, but you can get on iTunes!

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kurt gobang said...

uh, i just heard the 1st one last month? uh, i thought it was new? i log on to your website this morning and i see a part 2's all brewed up and ready to go and i say "damn, he's pushing these jokers out heavy! he must've had a crazy bunch of sessions and then split them or something. itunes, hear i come!"

then i read that the 1st one's been out since '06...

** hangs head in shame. goes back to sleep **