Sunday, July 27, 2008

Yo, does anybody have some free time I can borrow? I can't promise that I'll give it back once I finish using it up, but I'd still appreciate it nevertheless. I'm trying to play catch up with all of these posts that I had planned to share a while ago. So, when you see some grammatical errors in my paragraphs, you can now understand why I don't always go back to fix them. I honestly feel that my audience can figure out little things like that, but I have been wrong before. Okay, lets move on to the topic at hand. I have been knowing about this young lady for about a year or so now, and think her style is pretty fly. Her name is Lauren Santiago and she reps California. Her rich and soulful vocals is what made me pay attention. When I finally got a chance to hear her EP entitled "Sundays" back in 2007, I was sold. It's a nice blend of smooth vocals and melodic beats, that actually reminded me of a sunday drive by the beach with the top down. Personally, I have never own a convertible whip, but I'm guessing it would feel that way. Lauren is not hard on the eyes either, and that always helps the music sound a little better. I will leave it there for now...

Visit Ms. Santiago here:

If you've already downloaded my most recent mixx "Sunday Serenity" then you have already heard what Lauren has to offer. Since, it's actually Sunday and I'm in a giving mood, I have decided to share some more good music with you folks. It's a mini-mixx that I call "Ladies Wanted" and Lauren Santiago is starting off this set of musical bliss. To sweeten up the musical gumbo even more, I added a few tracks that I have had in rotation as of late. I'm truly diggin' those new PPP and Solange tracks. More on that later.

So, put your ears on this joint when you get a minute or 30 minutes to be exact.


1=lauren santiago - take it back
2=stacey epps - deep (mf doom)
3=jack davey - relax
4=joi - maybe
5=solange - i decided (neptunes)
6=platinum pied pipers ft. karma stewart - on a cloud
7=vanetta daniels - crazy 2
8=estelle - in the rain
9=kissey asplund - big mess


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