Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since, I am back talking about music, what better way to start this party off by sharing some original soul samples. I have been putting these type mixxes together on the Internet for some time now because they are pretty fun to make. I have always dug old school soul tracks, and that is why I put these joints together in hopes of giving them some shine. Plus, I know most folks like hearing some of their favorite original samples. This mixx is actually considered Sample Lessons 6, which I like to call Samply Delicious. I also posted my second sample mixx, so get them both while you can!

So, put your ears on this first:


  • 01~towa tei - technova (ATCQ)
  • 02~delphonics - walk right up to the sun
  • 03~jackson 5 - all i do is think of you (J Dilla)
  • 04~marvin gaye - wholly holy
  • 05~luther vandross - you're the sweetest one (Talib Kweli)
  • 06~michael wycoff - looking up to you
  • 07~taana gardner - no frills (de la soul)
  • 08~third world - now that we've found love (Heavy D)
  • 09~ramon harris - don't ask me
  • 10~linda crawford - never gonna stop
  • 11~harold melvin & the bluenotes - to be free to be who you are
  • 12~enchantment - sunshine
  • 13~brenda russell - a little bit of love (Big Pun)
  • 14~jerry butler & thelma houston - if you leave me now
  • 15~eugene wilde - gotta get you home tonight
  • 16~george benson - lady love me
  • 17~lamont dozier - put out my fire
  • 18~eddie kendricks - if you let me
  • 19~syreeta & gl cameron - station break for love
  • 20~midnight star - feels so good
  • 21~5th dimension - the rain maker
  • 22~bill withers - kissing my love
  • 23~singers unlimited - claire
  • 24~ahmad jamaal - theme bahamas
  • 25~johnny guitar watson - proud of you
  • 26~gladys knight - make a happy home
  • 27~manhattans - lets start all over
  • 28~melba moore - get into my mind
  • 29~aretha franklin - wholy holy (live)

Then get a copy of Sample Lessons 2 below if you missed it:



kurt GoBang da2nd said...

now how did you know i needed samplelessonz 2?!? and don't say "ancient chinese secret (for the old heads)..."


kurt go bang da2nd said...

one more thing:


** takes a deep breath**

how you gonna cut the sax solo on "searchin'" ("be a father to your child" loop)? the build up was crazy, and then, boom! shame on you, dude. shame, shame indeed...

but the rest was hot! lol

kurt go bang da2nd said...


** exhales **

spott oct said...

This good stuff man! U did your thing.