Monday, July 14, 2008

One thing that I love and hate about hip-hop as a whole is how forgetful most of the part time fans are. Only remembering the most meaningless gossip with the obvious gimmicks included, but forgetting about the artists that helped make this genre what it is today. I can feel Ice Cube when he makes statements like "we started this gangsta shit" because rapper Roy Jones Jr. said it best when he echoed the words "Ya'll musta forgot!" It's hard for me to believe that with all the blogs on the internet today that nobody has mentioned my dude Q-Tips new album. I'll do it since I think the guy deserves it. The album is called "Abstract Innovations" and because it is Q-Tip I'll definitely support it. I know it originally leaked onto the internet a few years ago, but I think it still deserves some recognition. There are 17 tracks on the album with featured artists like Busta Rhymes, D'Angelo, Erykah Badu, Royce 5'9", Andre 3000 and another old school favorite of mines Heavy D on this track called LISTEN:


Then drop by Q-Tip spot and say whaddup to the kidd at:

An why they never made a video for this joint I'll never know...

J-Dilla + Busta + Q-tip = You Can't Hold A Torch!

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