Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Maybe it's just me? I could have sworn that this kat Fartley Bensworth was a butler/assistant just the other day. I still remember when I saw him holding an umbrella over Mr. Sean John himself as he exited the rear door of a limo somewhere in New York. I know Fartley has danced in a couple of rap videos over the year with his fancy umbrellas and oddly colored suspenders, but I never took him too seriously. Rumor had it that he was actually going to start his own designer umbrella line under the "Fartley Collection" brand, or was the Rihanna? No matter, I agree that it's time that somebody gave the Tote company some competition for the top umbrella spot dammit! Why should they be the only ones making any real money in the umbrella selling game. There's enough money for everyone, right??

Anyway, Fartley has dropped a new single that has been buzzing on the Internet called "Everybody" featuring Andre 3000, Sa-Ra and Kanye Western. It's not half bad either, mainly because of the guests appearances of course. It's a catchy concept track overall, but I'm still not convinced that Fartley a.k.a Bentley is skilled enough to hold down a whole album by his lonesome though. Time will tell. Honestly, it's always a good listen when Mr. 3000 (no Bernie Mac movie) blesses us with a couple of hot bars, so peep the new video...

Farnsworth Bentley - Everybody (Video)

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