Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was shocked and saddened to hear about he loss of another one my favorite music legends! Say what you want to say about Michael Jackson, but NO ONE will ever have the impact on music that this man had. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's music, and his earlier solo efforts have become comfort food to my musical soul. I still play many of his classics today as often I as I play new releases. Michael Jackson will be truly missed forever...

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Jay Seales said...

Yo, this your boy Jason in Hawaii, from the AF days. I was tripping when I heard MJ died. My brother-in-law texted me, and my first thought was, "quit playin!" But it turned out to be true. What a loss for the world...Hot 93.9 is playing all MJ music, and there is already going to be a candlelight vigil tonight, 6 PM, at Magic Island beach park, right across from Ala Moana. I know you're gonna hit us with a mix soon....something dope to honor the king...Peace, J