Saturday, June 06, 2009

This mixx is dedicated to anybody that has ever been pissed off by people that are: trouble makers, cheaters, moochers, ass kissers, haters, bad drivers, thieves, rude bastards, liars, crybabies, bullies, gossipers, nosey, loud mouths, inconsiderate, fakers, ignorant, childish and hard headed. There are others, but I couldn’t fit them all in this post. This joint is for those times when you wanted to tell somebody “phuck u” but you didn’t! Think of this as a musical compilation full of songs saying things that you want to say to your co-workers, significant others, friends, foes, etc. at times, but probably won’t. Sometimes, life is a b*tch and you need some music that reflects just that dammit! This mixx definitely utilizes songs with explicit lyrics in them, so don’t say I didn’t warn you (smile)! This mixx gives me strength when I am driving in morning traffic, so it can be therapeutic. Besides throwing up the state bird out the driver's side car window is not always the best thing to do...

I call this one the “Emotionally Explicit Mixx”….


01=Solange ft. Wale – F*ck The Industry (Remix)
02=Jill Scott ft. MC Lyte – Hate On Me (Remix)
03=Sunshine Anderson – Heard It All Before
04=Ice Cube – A B*tch Iz A B*tch
05=Kelis – F*ck Them B*tches
06=Michel’le ft. Dre – 100% Woman
07=Ledisi ft. Oran “Juice” Jones – The Rain (SoundNexx Remix)
08=Kelis – Caught Out There
09=Nicole – Eyes Better Not Wonder
10=Teedra Moses – You Better Tell Her
11=Sparkle – Time To Move On
12=Phonte – Hate
13=Jadakiss – Kiss My A**
14=Syleena Johnson – Guess What?
15=Ludacris – Everybody Hates Chris
16=Koffee Brown ft. Lady Luck – Blackout
17=Method Man – Somebody Done F*cked Up
18=Jean Grae/Apani B – Shut Da F*ck Up
19=Planet Asia ft. Krondon – F*ck You Up
20=Ghostface ft. Ne-Yo – Back Like That
21=Salt-N-Pepa – Chick On The Side


What are some of your favorite groups or songs to play when you are pissed off?

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Soulrific said...

Ah, and anger management podcast. Cool!