Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something is truly funky up in here, and it’s not your sweaty gym socks, a pot of chitterlings, or a homeless man’s underarms neither. It’s my dude Reggie B back with another head banger of an album called “Get Down With Me” that recently hit the streets. If you’ve been listing to my mixxes for any length of time, then you have definitely heard a lot of Reggie B’s music. His last album “Future Music” featured production efforts by the beat chopper/producer Daru. That joint was one of my favorite albums to drop back in 2008. Daru & Reggie came on the scene like soul music’s Batman & Robin. That album still gets much play even in 2009.

Don’t sleep though, because Reggie is a singer/writer/producer that knows his way around the studio very well. Reggie is handling the production duties this time around on his latest project, which takes things back to their funkier roots. His production actually reminds of that spacey-funk that Steve Spacek brings to the music table. Don’t deny yourself the chance to get funktified, so kopp that new Reggie B as soon as you can! Support good music, and it will support you…

I had to share one my favorite Reggie B/Daru tracks below:

Click here to get the new "Get Down With Me" album...

Other Reggie B albums listed below:

Musical Joyride

Future Music

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