Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm showing some international music love this time around. I always keep my ears to the e-streets, listening for that new music freshness that we have to have. Have you heard about the producer named Iisijii (pronounced however you want to) from Finland? I came across this kat a few months back while jamming to some Deborah Jordan, and now I have become a fan. Iisijii's production has a definite electronica type sound, with a splash of soul for good measure. The abundant amount of overlapping noises and sounds that are incorporated into his beats are pleasing to the ear. His production effects me in the same positive way as Prefuse73. Iisijii has blessed us with an enjoyable debut production album titled "Inside" that you need to hear. There are plenty dope instrumentals throughout, but there are also some guest vocals provide by: Deborah Jordan, Amalia, Kissey Asplund and Replife.
Put ears on the album and let it speak for itself by clicking the links below:

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rteer88 said...

Man, I love me some Deborah Jordan...her and Bembe Segue. I wish they drop an album.