Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am finally taking the opportunity to speak on the singer Hope! She's from Los Angeles. I have been following her music since 2006 when I came across her Myspace page while searching for someone else. I heard her lovely voice singing the track "Rain Dont' Last" and I was immediately hooked. I must have played that song about four times continuously before I could move on the next track on her Myspace music player. That song has a haunting vibe with a hint of sadness that still keeps me hypnotized even to this day. Hope has several tracks floating around the Internet, but no official album just yet. I have held off posting about her up to this point in HOPEs that she would finally release an album, but I couldn't wait any longer. If you don't already know about Hope's talent, it's time to get familiar...

Listen to beautiful "Rain Don't Last" below:

Also, put ears on "Bring Me Flowers" as well:

Check out more of her music at

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