Saturday, July 11, 2009


Who's not a fan of the singing family known as DeBarge? With all of the classic records they have blessed us with over the years, how could any old school music lover not be. Chico DeBarge seems to be the only sibling from the family (outside of El) that has been able to create a buzz as a solo artist.

Every since Chico was released from prison over a decade ago, his music has taken on a different feel. He's shedded that patiented pop sound from the earlier days of the group for a musical vibe that definitely has a harder edge to it. Chico has remained true to his R&B roots, but there has been some definite growth and maturity overall as a solo artist. Personally, I like it! I wish more of my favorite old school artists could evolve in this manner.

Chico is back with his fourth solo album entitled "Addiction" and it's more of that goodness we've come to expect from Mr. DeBarge. He describes it as reality music. It's a combination of love songs and street music. Chico's previous albums seem to play out like a movie soundtrack, and this new album is no exception. It's a musical look into the life of man making the music, and it will be available on July 14th...

Chico is currently on tour with Joe, so when he comes to your town be sure to check him out live. Here is a taste of what you can expect from Chico on that tour:

Be on the lookout for Chico's new single "Oh No" as well...

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