Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm back in my hip-hop state of mind. There will be a musical contribution sooner than later to show hip-hop some love, but until then let's talk about one my favorite emcees Royce Da 5'9. Royce is the kind of emcee that you can depend on when it comes to make music. Every verse that comes out of this man's mouth has a purpose. He seems to treat each song as if it's a rap battle, and he still hasn't lost his focus after all of these years. By now he could have gone pop and joined the circus of other mediocre rappers out here trying to get paid by the mainstream, but he hasn't. Why? Because he still has respect for the musical artform we know and love called HIP-HOP. Royce is back with a new EP entitled "The Revival" that should definitely keep his fans continuously hitting the rewind button. The EP is four tracks strong with one song featuring his Slaughterhouse counterparts Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden & Crooke I.

Checkout the Slaughterhouse video for "The One" below:

If you like hip-hop and/or Royce you definitely need to hear this joint.

Click the album cover above to check it out!

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