Monday, July 06, 2009

While I have been taking in all of media shenanigans surrounding MJ's death over the last week, I have gotten several emails asking when and if I was going to do a tribute mixx. I have decided not to do a MJ mixx, and the main reason is based on the fact that no one compilation could do his influential body of work justice. Plus, there are just too many songs to choose from anyway, so I won't even bother. Fortunately, there are plenty of folks showcasing their MJ tribute mixes all over the Internet, so you should be good to go. Some are well thought out, while others seem to be bandwagoners just throwing something together at the last minute. Regardless, it is all about showing MJ some love I guess, so...

Anyway, I am dropping a new mixx today, it's just not a tribute. I call this one "Kaliedascope Soul" because I think it's a pretty colorful mixture of tunes. As always, when you get a chance check it out.


01-Kaliedascope Instromental
02-Roddy Rodd/Phonte/Carlitta Durand = This Time Around
03-Ayah = Do It All Again
04-Daru/Byron/Da Button Pusha = Repetitive
05-Rena = When You're There
06-Sa-Ra = Melodic N' Mynor
07-Raheem DeVaughn/Young Chris = Wanna Love You
08-Mitsu/Ivana Santill = Playin' Again
09-Slique = Glow
10-Joy Jones = Be My Husband
11-Zhane' = Vibe
12-Ginuwine - Last Chance
13-Al B. Sure = I'm Glad
14-Taiwah - Talk About
15-Drake/Lykke Li = Little Bit
16-Deborah Jordan = Future Calling
17-Tony Toni Tone' = What Goes Around
18-Michael Jackson - Pretty Young Thing
19-Ryan Leslie = You're Not My Girl
20-Mos Def/Georgia Muldrow = Roses
21-New Edition = You're Not My Kind of Girl
22-Reuben Studdard = I Can't Help It
21-Kaliedascope Outstromental


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Something new to add to the Zune!