Wednesday, July 25, 2007

THEY'RE COMING ON 9/25/07!!!!

All you fake rappers...BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID...snitchez!!

1. Sirens feat. Carlitta Durand (angry song with a creepy chorus)
2. Can’t Win For Losing (neckbreaking song with weird meter change)
3. Breakin My Heart feat. Lil Wayne (song that will make core fanbase gasp in disbelief)
4. Good Clothes (produced by the Bad Ass Filipino)
5. After The Party feat. Carlitta Durand (song that features the same person who was on the first song)
6. ExtraHard (song to ride out to)
7. Step It Up feat. Dion (song that your girl will love)
8. Two Step Blues feat. Darien Brockington (song produced by the same person who produced the song that introduced you to the person on songs 1 and 5)
9. That Ain’t Love feat. Jozeemo (bittersweet song)
10. Dreams (tearjerking song)
11. When Everything Is New (the last song)


G7 said...

seen the track list. a little disappointed that its only 11 songs. Hopefully they're all bangers!

SoundNexx DJ said...

@G7 - Yep, I saw the track listing! Like you, I hope each one is a hot track? Personally, I didn't really like that "Soldiers of Fortune" joint the JL put out a minute ago though? I hope this is better?

Big Homie said...

Hopefully the quality of the album makes up for the short tracklist. I have no doubts on the album