Thursday, July 19, 2007

I have deliberately been holding off on doing a post on this up and coming artist named Kevin Michael because I just wasn't sure what all the buzz was about? I heard this dude's name a lot at the beginning of year before I actually knew what his image was about, or even what his music sounded like. I am pretty familiar with how the game of promoting a new artist works, so it’s sometimes difficult for me to decipher who is really worth paying attention to. Mister Michael’s management should be applauded for their tireless efforts to get his name out to the masses. After doing some necessary investigating and finally hearing a few tracks from Kevin, I am beginning to understand why so many folks are becoming fans of this young man. He has a unique and funky style that makes you take notice, while keeping the subject matter in his music very relatable to the masses. At first look Kevin Michael may seem like an artist with a gimmick, but after further investigation it becomes obvious that’s not the case. Avoiding the hurdle of being typecast as one thing, Kevin seems to effortlessly incorporate several genres of music like funk, pop and soul to create his refreshing sound.

In this age of digital music, Kevin Michael has decided to release his first musical EP project entitled “Kevin Michael’s Yadig?” through iTunes only for download. This project does have some definite gems on it for sure, but one of my favorite tracks him at this time is definitely the addictive “Vicki’s Secrets (Acoustic Version)” song! Good stuff no matter how you spin in my personal opinion. I must give props to Akil Dasan who handled the beat boxing and guitar playing on the acoustic tracks. Dude is pretty nice with his too. There will definitely be more to come on Kevin Michael in the near future, but before I end this post I will leave you with a few goodies to get more familiar with this up and comer.

First, make sure that you watch these two videos:

Kevin Michael - It Don't Make a Difference To Me (Acoustic)

Kevin Michael - Vicki's Secrets (Acoustic)

Second, checkout the very informative audio interview with Mr. Michael from my peoples over at Flowink:

Lastly, checkout these Kevin Michael's web sites to get more familiar with this artist:


Mr.O said...

He was featured on itunes, free single of the week. He's different.


Oh the 2nd link is to the wrong kevin michael

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Mr. O - Good catch on the link. It's been changed now. I am curious to see how this guy will do once his album hits the streets?

candyraindrops said...

OOh I've never heard of him before and I like what I just heard. Kinda like a robin thicke sound again, but still different. Good Post Jamz. Hopefully, he goes a bit mainstream,I luv his sound and look.