Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SOUL CLASSIC: Cherelle - I Didn't Mean To Turn You On

Kneegrow History Fack: After falling in total jungle love on the set of this wonderful video, Cherelle and the big Gorilla dated for about a year before she kicked him to the curb for your favorite baby's daddy Alexander O'Neal. Thus spawned the classic tune "Saturday Love" by the couple, which was due to the fact that their first official date was on a Saturday evening. After the break-up with Cherelle the big Gorilla was devastated, so he tried to commit suicide by jumping off of a six story apartment building. Since, the Gorilla is 60 feet tall he was unable to kill himself, but he did manage to severely sprain his ankle after falling on top of a parked car located in front of the building. He was later prosecuted by the vehicle's owner and found guilty of reckless automotive endangerment with intent to kill. Come to find out that the Gorilla also had a warrant for his arrest out in California for stealing two cartons of bananas from a local fruit market. What a damn shame!

Even with a press & curl, Cherelle is still one hot chic!!

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Dino said...

I love Cherelle's music! Props!