Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You would have to be a deaf mute to not know that Lauryn Hill was a true talent back in the day. If you have ever heard this lady rap and sing it’s hard to deny that she definitely had a special gift. Even though The Fugees was a rap group, it’s obvious that Lauryn Hill was the real star of the trio. That became even clearer when she released the solo project “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." That album changed the game and made Lauryn Hill a megastar. As her loyal fans were cheering for more, Lauryn disappeared from the spotlight like a thief in the night. She left her fans hopelessly waiting for her return. After several months pasted by without a word from Lauryn, rumors began to spread that she was going through a deep depression that may be linked to drug abuse? Her personal life had been turned upside down from rumors of infidelity in her intimate relationship, which supposedly led her to join a religious cult of some sort? She had basically alienated most of the friends and family from her life, including the other Fugee group members Pras and Wyclef Jean. Like me, most fans felt sorry for Lauryn during that time. We all hoped things would get better for her while we remained patient as she got tried to put her life back together.

Needless to say that her fans have been waiting for several years now for Lauryn to get her effin’ life together, but it seems to be getting worse rather than better? Lauryn’s first return that I personally witnessed was when she performed live on MTV’s Unplugged. Even though she was looking pretty tainted, I was curious to hear what she had to say in her music. I will admit that I was a little taken back by some of her melodramatic lyrics at first, but it wasn’t all bad actually. Then it happened! She broke down into tears in the middle of one the songs like a little school girl that had her lunch money stolen. I was stunned and confused at that same time? It was obvious that she still had a lot of issues on in her life that needed to be worked out. Over the next several months I began hearing news about how Lauryn was literally acting like a diva like asshole at several live events where her fans had paid good money to see her perform. I’m talking about showing up extra late for shows, cursing at audience members and walking off of the stage in the middle a performance while in a fit of rage! I tried to positively rationalize those situations as well, giving Lauryn the benefit of the doubt that maybe the media was blowing things out of proportion? The next time I saw Lauryn Hill was on the 200? BET Music Award Show where she performed with Wyclef and Pras in a Fugees reunion type vibe. I was pleased to see Lauryn as fragment ofher former self, but it was obvious that she had lost a small step vocally? I didn’t even care though because I was happy to see Lauryn back in stride again with a potential Fugees reunion album on the horizon?

Earlier this year I had been hearing even more negative rumors about Lauryn Hill acting bizarre at various live shows, leaving fans angered and disappointed. Actually, I am becoming angered too dammit! I am getting pretty tired of her shenanigans! I just heard yesterday that Ms. Hill has been accused of acting diva-ish by demanding that the staff at her live venues look away when she enters and exits the room. No one is allowed to look her directly in the face at anytime! What kind of ghetto royal mess is that? On top of that, today I just read where Pras is confirming the once planned Fugees reunion album project has been scrapped for good. Can you guess why? Of course Lauryn is the reason. Here’s a quote from Pras…”Me and WyClef, we are on the same page, but Lauryn is in her zone and I'm fed-up with that sh*t!” Pras ended his rant by saying "Here Lauryn is blessed with a gift with the opportunity to rock and give and she's running on some bullsh*t? I'm a fan of Lauryn's, but I can't respect that." After reading that statement from Pras, my Lauryn Hill pitty party is officially over people! She obviously doesn’t care about her fans anymore, so why should I keep caring about her? I’ll just continue playing my old Lauryn Hill material from yester-year like I’ve been doing, but I have officially uncrossed my fingers in hope that she will ever get back to her old self again. If that new song Lauryn has on the animated “Surf’s Up” movie soundtrack is the best that she has to offer up in 2007, I think we are headed for a world of disappointment? I don't hate the track, but I don't love it either. Is Lauryn Hill washed up as an artist in 2007, and we are all just in rebellious denial? Truth be told though, if Ms. Hill released a new album tomorrow, I would be right there buying it like the rest of the world, but until that day arrives I will remain BITTER

Lauryn Hill - Lose Myself (Music Video)


Mr.O said...

I came home with this chick after happy hour and Love Jones was on. I heard sweetest thing and we were mesmorized both thinking at the same time man, what happened to her?

Mr.O said...

we can settle for Chrisette Michele right now

yakaya2 said...

Co-sign SoundNexx...I think something is mentally wrong with Lauryn, but she's not doing anything to get better? I miss her music, but I don't we deserve her bad attitude though.

Big Homie said...

She's been washed up. I know that everytime I see her mentioned online there is always some shit about her. Poor Lauryn because her older stuff is classic.