Wednesday, July 11, 2007

When I think about old school funk a few names come to mind right off the back. Funkateers like James Brown, Parliment Funkadelic, George Clinton, Cameo, Zapp, Lyn Collins, etc. kept the funk alive back in the day. With the lack of live instrumentation in the music these days, it seems like the funk has been lost? Or has it? Actually, there are a few katz that still have the funk flowing through their musical veins. In my opinion artists like these keep the music industry balanced because they have chosen to go totally against the predictable, and sometimes tired sounding musical norms that have become today's standard. While many are afraid to push the creative envelope, artists like these thrive off of it! Many brainwashed music fans feel that these types of off-beaten sounds and rhythms can be undigestable and even annoying? Sadly, the mainstream has somehow bamboozled the masses into believing that these types of grooves are unworthy, and most of trash that saturates the radio airwaves is the truth? Unlike a lot of other sites that I have seen, I think that most of the folks that frequent SoundNexx on the regular are pretty open minded about hearing different types of music? That's what I entended this blog to be about when I first started it, and that hasn't changed. Hopefully, the music and info that I share is somehow healing the ears and minds of the folks that actually believe that great music can only sound one way?

With that being said, here is your next dose of funky soul medication entitled "Ear Test 7: SpaceBoogieFunk Mixx!" SoundNexx's prescription recommends that you take a listen to this mixx atleast once a day for 3 weeks. Clean your ears with a q-tip dipped in peroxide before every listen. WARNING: Do not listen just before going to bed because this funk can cause insomnia! MEDICATION SIDE EFFECTS: Neck soreness from bobbing your head constantly. This medication is safe enough to be heard on an empty stomach. If your symptoms don't get any better in one week, double your dosage and throw your radio in the trash!


01_Sa-Ra ft. Bilal - Sweet Sour You
02_Chronkite - No Trace of Luv
03_Luv Bugs - There For U
04_J*Davey - Cameras
05_Up Hygh - Let Me Look
06_Ty ft. Eska - Aim For Your Goals
07_Muhsinah - Millions
08_Waajeed ft. Tiombe - O'Bloody Days O'Starry Nights
09_Georgia Anne Muldrow - Wrong Way
10_Spacek - It's Not Gonna Happen
11_Up Hygh - The Gift
12_Leonne Ujare - Locean
13_J Dilla ft. Jack Davey - Red Light
14_Sa-Ra - Rosebuds
15_Plantlife - We Can Get Down
16_Heavy - Sqre One
17-Eska -DaShow
18_PPP ft. Rich Medina & Sy Smith - Can't Hold Back (Remix)
19_Pattie Blingh - Re
20_Ty ft. De La Soul - The Idea
21_Georgia Anne Muldrow - Leroy
22_J*Davey - No More
23_Illamath - Burn Rubber (Dam Funk Remix)

Typeout (written shoutout) to my peepz CubikArubik, DJ Jamal and DJ Synflood for going against the musical grain!


seen510 said...

I luv the funk I'm going to check this out,thanks.

Jaimar said...

Hey Soundnexx Ive ben a fan of the site for a minute, luv this mix. I was wondering how you found someof these artists. I've coped some J*Davey and Sy Smith but I cannot for the life of me find the Luv Bugs that sing the third song. Could you tell me how to find these hard to find artists that think outsde the box. Thanks,