Friday, July 13, 2007

Who's world is this? Thee rap game has mentored (even with all of it's negative imagery)some rappers into a somehwat legendary status amongst their peers, and I would be a total lier if I didn't acknowledge Nasir Jones a.k.a Nas as one of them! No matter how you may personally feel about Nas as an artist, you definitely have to respect his impact on the rap and music movement as a whole. Personally, I have always admired Nas' ability to remain diverse in his subject matter over his career. He can easily shift gears between uplifting his people, to sharing in graphic detail the trials and tribulations of ghetto life. There are not too many emcees that can do that with such ease. Even through what some called a career slump, Nas has been able to remain relevant in 2007. While many of his peers have fallen to the waste side, Nas continues to challenge the powers that be and evolve as an artist while doing so! Whether you hate him or not, you definitely have to respect him and that's more than most rappers get from me in these dismal days in hip-hop!

I have been playing this mixx I call "NasirzDopistRe-Mixx" a lot lately, so I decided to post for you good folks to hear. It's a musical collage of many of my favorite Nas remix tracks. Some of these tracks are older and some are not, but either way kopp it while you can! The remix production is pretty thorough overall, so I think most Nas fans will enjoy this compilation of goodies?


01~Good Morning (remix) feat. Slick Rick
02~Made You Look (remix) feat. Jadakiss & Ludacris
03~Thug Mansion (remix) feat. 2pac
04~The Flyest (remix) feat. M.F. Doom
05~The Cross (remix) feat. 9th Wonder
06~Bridging The Gap (remix) feat. Olu Dara
07~One Mic (remix)
08~Family (remix) feat. Mobb Deep
09~Hope (remix) feat. Chrisette Michele
10~2nd Childhood (remix)
11~Revolutionary Warfare (remix) feat. Lake
12~Fast Life (remix) feat. Kool G. Rap
13~Verbal Murderers (remix) feat. Styles P
14~F*ck You (remix) feat. 50 Cent
15~It Ain't Hard To Tell (remix) feat. Kid Slime
16~One Love (remix) feat. Q-Tip
17~Thief's Theme (remix)
18~Stillmatic (remix)
19~Warrior Song (remix) feat. Alicia Keys
20~Ethered (remix)
21~Blaze A 50 (remix) feat. M.F. Doom
22~Street Dreams (remix) feat. R. Kelly
23~One Love (Doom remix outro)



candyraindrops said...

damn Jamz!..good post!..I luv Nas,saw him perform and he is def. one of the greats.

911 said...


natural muze said...

nas is the BEST. thanks for stopping by my have some pretty good taste in music!

russell j said...

Love the remixes and a couple of them I recognize from the cd I used to have called God's Stepson(all remixes of God's Son album) and I was wondering if anyone had it to share. I loved that cd.