Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been holding off on posting this mixx for a minute now, but I think it's about time to give some deserved shine to the original old school b-boys and break dancers from back in the day! I'm talking about the katz that carried their own piece of cardboard around at all times, because they never knew when somebody was going to challenge them. For the dudes that kept their suede Pumas fresh to def with fat colorful laces that purposely matched their headband. I'm talking about walking around with a boom box in hand blasting the latest cassette tape with eight double d batteries in your pocket just in case. I'm talking about those four fingered gold nugget rings, fury Kangol hats, Gazelle glasses, ski goggles in the Summertime, Lee Jean freshly creased and all dat! Now, that's hip-hop for real! I am happy to see that some elements of the b-boy/break dancing movement are still alive in some places around the country. I will admit that most of this new generation of break dancers is on some bionic steroid type ish with the difficult dance moves and tricks that they pull off these days, but it's all entertaining. I am still partial to the old schoolers though. The break dancing music has changed a little bit though? A song like Afrika Bambaataa's classic "Planet Rock" was a definite must have in the boombox when it was breakdance challenge time back in the day. It's funny though, because you can still throw that Bambaataa joint on at any club in 2007, and people will still get into an uproar. I guess that's how you know you have a classic record!

Check the classic break dance footage from back in the day:

Turbo - Broom Dancing in Breakin' Movie (classic)

Classic Roxy Breakdance Battle from Beat Street Movie

I pulled b-boy tracks from everywhere to put this mix together, including a couple of cassette tapes. Technology is a wonderful thing! So, today I present you with the "Pumaz & Shelltoez Mixx" full of my favorite electronic and break dance tracks. The quality of some of the tracks may be a little shaky at times, but that's what gives it that nostalgic feel. Breaks and beats playa! This is hip-hop music when it was still raw and gritty, so I hope you can appreciate it?


  • 01*Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Looking For The Perfect Beat
  • 02*Twilight 12 - Electric Kingdom
  • 03*Cybotron - Clear
  • 04*Newcleus - Jam On It
  • 05*Newcleus - Jam On Revenge (Wikki-Wikki Song)
  • 06*Globe & Whizkid - Play That Beat Mr. DJ
  • 07*Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk
  • 08*Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
  • 09*Egyptian Lover - An My Beat Goes
  • 10*Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
  • 11*Hashim Al - Naafiysh (The Soul)
  • 12*Jonsun Crew - Pack Jam
  • 13*Supreme Team - Hey DJ
  • 14*Africa Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force - Renegades of Funk
  • 15*Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
  • 16*Newcleus - Push The Button
  • 17*Herbie Hancock - Rockit



Jonny Applez said...

Dam..this mixx takes me back to the good old days of break dancing. I haven't heard many of these songs in years!! U did it again Mr. Nexx!

THE-XFACTA said...

Damn I remember the Pumas.. I used to rock a burgendy and grey pair with some burgendy Lees back in the 80's... Damn I remember those days....

green eyes said...

hey-- the new layout looks good

BELIZE said...

Nice website


SoundNexx DJ said...

@J Applez - Thanks playa!

@X-facta - Yeah, Pumas were my shyt back in the day!

@Greena - Thanks, but I have been too lazy to do the rest of the stuff I have planned at this point..LOL!

@Belize - Thanks for coming thru playboy!

candyraindrops said...

another great post from you Jamz! nice track listing, a song that came to mind was K-OS B-bOY Stance! also had that nice break dancing feel to it!