Tuesday, July 24, 2007

For all of you non-Detroiters and Michiganders, let me briefly break down the term “Dirty Mitten” real quick. The word “Dirty” represents the underbelly and street side of Detroit City. Sadly, the Detroit has been linked with plenty of negative statistics and imagery over the years, but the reality is things were never as bad as they were presented. Truth be told though, like any other major urban city in this country there is plenty of dirt being done by just about everybody from the local politicians to the average bum on the street. The word “Mitten” is normally used to describe Michigan due to this state’s shape. If you’ve ever looked at Michigan on a map, it actually looks like a mitten. Even though Lansing is the capital of Michigan, most outsiders think that Detroit is capital for obvious reasons. The reality is that Detroit is the backbone of this state, so when we do well the state does well, and vice versa. Outside of all the things that Detroit is known for, the two major factors are automobiles and music. While the automotive industry has somewhat diminished over the years, the music scene has remained pretty consistent. No, it’s nothing like the boom of the Motown era, but the city is still developing plenty of local talents everyday.

Today, I have decided to shine some light on some my favorite underground hip-hop artists that rep Detroit pretty hard! There are several independent rap crews around the city that release plenty of underground material to keep their local fans happy, but that’s about as far as it goes in most cases? A lot of these local artists have become ghetto celebrities to many of the teenagers around the city, which has plenty of them believing that they have true talent when they really don’t! Every once and awhile though, there is a local artist that makes me take notice to the point where I am anticipating an album release. For example, I am big fans of up and coming emcees like Guilty Simpson, Finale and definitely one of my favorite female emcees period…MC Invincible (shown in the pic on the left)! While a lot of the female rappers these days have chosen to use sexually charged imagery and rhyme patterns, Invincible is a rebel that has put her thongs on the shelf for a crisp pair of Timberlands and some baggy jeans. Can you say B-Girl? Don’t let her short hairstyle and clothing fool you, because she’s all woman! She reminds me of some of my other favorite female rappers like Antoinette, MC Lyte, Sweet Tee, Bahamadia, Apani B Fly and Jean Grae. I like the type of female rappers that keep it rugged rather than raunchy. Invincible has been putting in work for some years now, but I first heard her rhyme on underground classic mixtape “Last Warning” back in 2004. She’s also a member of the Anomolies Crew, which is a 5 woman crew of emcees and producers that are trying to bring that lyrical boom-bap back. MC Invincible has worked very close with the producer Waajeed of the Platinum Pied Pipers as well. Her long-awaited solo album “Shapeshifters” will hopefully be dropping by the end of the year?

For your listening pleasure I have put together a Detroit rapper based compilation mixx I titled "The Dirty Mitten Mixx" that showcases several rap artists that are reppin' Detroit. It's a mixture of old and newer material. There are a few recognizable names and voices throughout this mixx, but most of these katz are basically locals on the come up. Since, MC Invincible is the hot topic of today's post, I have included 6 tracks in this mixx to get you folks familiar with what she's about. This mixx is very diverse in its subject matter, so prepare yourselves. Detroit is known for having pimps, players and hustlers, and some of the included tracks will reflect those types of images. Put your ears on this mixx and indulge in some real Detroit hip-hop flavor.

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Dirty Mitten Mixx Track Listing:

01=Guilty Simpson - For The D
02=Ill Manored - Gorilla Pimpin'
03=Bareda ft. Mr.Wrong - I'm From Detroit
04=Illa J - Hot
05=Royce Da 5'9 - Royce Is Like
06=Waajeed ft. Invincible - Place Where We Dwell
07=Invincible - No Compromises
08=Grooveman Spot ft. Invincible - Who's This?
09=Waajeed ft. Invincible - Pick Your Poison
10=Buff1 ft. Invincible & Guilty Simpson - Supreme
11=Dabrye ft. Invincible & Finale - Viewer Discretion
12=Finale - Detroit Sh*t
13=Elzhi - Boomerang Slang
14=Blade Icewood ft. G~Rock & O~Dolla - Boy Would U (Remix)
15=Stretch Money - Takes Money To Make Money
16=Black Milk ft. Phat Kat - Lookatusnow
17=Frank-N-Dank - MCA
18=Ta'Raach - I Name (E.G.I.G)
19=T3 ft. Elzhi - Yawl
20=K-Doe ft. Juan & Royce Da 5'9 - The 4 The 5
21=Illa J - New Sh*t
22=Elzhi - Over Wit

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