Tuesday, July 31, 2007

As a true music fan, the worst news you can ever hear other than hearing that one of your favorite artists has died is that a group you enjoy has broken up (A Tribe, Slum Village, Menudo)! I have suffered through those musical heartaches more than I can remember, and it never gets any better. Well, for those that haven’t heard already, the duo super group from London, England that we’ve all known as Floetry have called it quits! Yep, Marsha “The Songstress” Ambrosius and Natalie “Floacist” Stewart have parted ways under less than favorable terms. Rumor has it that the two had a terrible falling out during their last concert tour, which lasted over 8 months. The issues that came about during that time were never resolved, which put a definite strain on their personal and professional relationship. This strain led to their unfortunate break up with Natalie leaving the group behind for a solo venture. Marsha has retained the Floetry brand and now she has recruited a new addition to the group Amanda Diva. Even though I enjoyed Natalie’s contributions to group over the years, I think Amanda Diva is a great addition to the Floetry Remixed sound.

Most of you may not recognize Amanda Diva’s name, but her face may seem familiar to you? Amanda is a respectable writer, singer & emcee hailing from New York. What I like about her the most is that she’s seems to live in the hip-hop world. Her swagger, lingo and aura just seem to ooze that hip-hop flavor. If you’re rich enough to have HBO, you may have seen the raspy voiced Amanda dropping much knowledge through her poetry on the Russell Simmon’s HBO Def Poetry television show a few times between 2002 and 2005? Personally, I am familiar with her from her short stint on MTV2 doing the hip-hop news and special reports, basically like what Sway does on the original MTV station. Amanda is definitely easy on the eyes, so I normally paid attention to her commentary on MTV2 like any heterosexual male would? Outside of all that, she’s also a member of the DJ crew called the Aphilliates, who just happen to have a very popular morning hip-hop show on called “Breakfast at Divas” on Sirius Satellite Radio. She also does a little writing for XXL Magazine and Allhiphop.com to make her hip-hop endeavors complete.

Did I mention that she’s a pretty nice emcee as well? She released a mixtape back in 2004 called “It’s Bigger than Hip-Hop, The Mixtape: Vol. 1,” which I still haven’t heard in full just yet. I have heard several tracks from it though, and I like what I hear. This young lady definitely has some skills, which I hope will take Floetry to that next level? Amanda is currently working on her new EP “Filling the Void” that is rumored to be a new and refreshing spin on hip-hop? Maybe, she can fill the void of the missing Lauryn Hill??? We shall see…

Get more familiar Ms. Diva by checking out these clips of her diversity as an artist:

Amanda - 40 MCs feat. Q-Tip

Amanda & Questlove live @ Black Lily

Amanda Diva - Hot Sh*t (Def Poetry - Explicit)

Checkout Amanda Diva's web sites here:



Also, show some luv to Marsha as well here:



Big Homie said...

I was totally out of this and did not know about the change until last Friday when someone mentioned it. I looked her up and she is bad.

They were at Love Nightclub here in D.C. last Friday. They sounded great, but didnt really watch the show. Too busy looking at the other eye candy around

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