Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I'm posting this chumpy just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, so I present you folks with some mellow grooves to chill to while you get your BBQing and liquor drinking on today! The LuvLust&Lyfe Mixx is packed with a little soul for just about everybody, so definitely put your ears on it. Outside listening to some great music, I'd like to pass along some important safety tips that may just come in handy today! First, make sure you wash all raw meat with warm water prior to putting it on the grill. This precaution is not only to reduce the chances of getting sick if you don't, but it just a stanka-dank thing to do, so don't be nasty! Second, never play catch with a lit M-80 firecracker because if you didn't know, missing fingers are very unattractive. Have you ever dated somebody with missing fingers? Probably not, unless you were desperate, so just be careful! Lately, please avoid drinking and driving! I know plenty of lead gutt drinkers out there think you can handle your liquor, but why take the chance playa?

Aight, I'm about to head out myself, so I'd like to wish everyone a Happy & Safe 4th of July!


01-Kelly Rowland feat. Tank - The Show
02-Floetry - Hello
03-Carl Thomas - Say I Do
04-Monica Blaire - Breathe
05-Dave Young - I Can Do
06-Dwele - Luv
07-Chrisette Michele - Mr. Radio
08-Rome - I Belong To You
09-Smooth - Strawberries
10-J*Davey - Let It Bleed
11-Raphael Saadiq - Make My Day
12-V feat. Jill Scott - Born Again
13-Kelly Price - It's Gonna Rain
14-Ryan Toby - So Good
15-Zo feat. Tiffany Paige - Free
16-Howard Hewett - Can You Feel Me
17-RWE feat. Bilal - Can't Hide Love
18-Smokey Robinson - Quiet Storm



Shystee One said...

Nice tracks. I needed this one Nexx! Thanks bruh!

Netm8kr said...

Whatup Bruh,
Like I said we share some brain cells or sumthin. I been slow walking one particular for about a month and we picked the same dwele joint. I guess we just enjoy a lot of the same great music. As always, you continue to amaze. At least, we're feeling the same vibe about now.

Sounds good Sensei-Nexx..

Peace Netm8kr...

Anonymous said...

Waddup Doe Bruh,

This mixx changed my whole mood, I had to put down the hip hop for a minute until I get my fill on this mixx. It all flows well together...I'll holla back, THX!

Peace out,

SoundNexx DJ said...

@Shystee - No prob home bwoy!

@netm8kr - Good music is hard to deny. I think folks that really enjoy listening to great music all have a connection. The internet just allows us to come together in a cyber forum to talk about it, express it and share it. It's a great thing! U already know my vibe on Dwele, but this track is one of my favz.

As far as u posting mixes, I think there is room for everyone. There are lots of talented folks sharing their music in a mix format. Even though we may be simular in some aspects, we are all pretty different in our approaches, desires and song choices. Just do you playa, and everything else will take care of itself...

@TB - Yeah, hip-hop has its place, but sometimes its nice to just relax a little bit with some mellow grooves. I try to keep a mixture of both in rotation at all times. I'm glad you were diggin' the vibe...

Netm8kr said...


I know I'm always behind on my comments. But you always as they say "give em one". I mean, how is it that every new mix you do. It has the same results. You give me at least one joint that instantly gets a bookmark. So when I play them in the whip or at work, its the first joint I hear.

As always, you continue to set the bar high.

I also couldn't have said it better as far as our taste. As usual you give me food for the next joint.

Going back in the lab tonite. "Sensei" always inspires "Apprentice" to
do better than last time, with practice.