Monday, April 09, 2007

I rarely think about how long I have been running this blog, and I hardly ever go back to review my older posts either. I'm the kind of person that likes to keep moving forward. Back when I first started this site, there were only about seven people that came through on the regular: Harm1, DMecca, Robogriff, CubikMuzik, Honeysoul, Mr. ATL & my peepz from over in Taiwan! Originally, I had not set any goals for this site and I was just basically enjoying the experience of sharing my music vibes with my friends. Back then when it came to sharing large media files, the only available source was Remember that website? They were the KINGS of the large file media sharing business in the early days. Like all other music bloggers trying to step their game up, I uploaded many of my original mixes on Yousendit to afford my limited visitors the opportunity to download them. At the time it didn't really occur to me that the mix links only remained active for a measly seven days before it was deleted by the website. Even back then, that really sucked! I understood that space may have been limited back then, but dayum!

In 2007, things have definitely changed for the better? Now, folks have several sites like Megaupload, Rapidshare, Zshare and Sendspace to choose from for their media hosting needs. The time average is about 30 days in most cases, and as long as atleast one person downloads the media file within that time frame it is extended even longer. So, on behalf of all of the folks that have lost, or never got the chance to download a great media file because the geeks over at Yousendit deleted it in a week, I have some words for you. Yousendit can go Yousuckit, because we don't need you anymore! Try stepping your file sharing game up and stop trying trick folks into paying for your services dammit! I get spam from those jokers almost everyday trying to get me to come back home to Yousendit. Nope, that relationship is officially over, so stop writing me!

Okay, now on to the good news (for some anyway)! Due to Dontsendit's limited hosting options of the past, I have decided to rewind things a little and repost some of my older mixes for your listening pleasure. Today, I have three mixes that I get lots of request for, but I never had the time to repost until now. These are all on the old school hip-hop tip, so pull your shell toes, kangols, wristbands and starter jackets out of the closet before you put your ears on these. Two are megamixes for showcasing my favorite MCs of yester-year Big Daddy Kane and Lord Finesse. The third is a listen into some of my favorite 80s hip-hop classics. I have the mixes linked to the original posts, which I have linked below. I will be reposting some of the other lost mixes in the future, so stay posted.

Unfortunately, I didn't create any tracklistings for these mixes, so hopefully you know most of the songs already (which you should anyway), but if you have any questions about a track just leave comment and I'll get back to you.

Here are the mix links:




Also, for those folks that want to track down previous SoundNexx mixes I posted on this site, try using the "Google" search option located on bottom/right to search this blog. Just type in your search information into the empty space and click the "Nexx It" button.

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CubikArubik said...

80's Retro Hip Hop Mixx coming my way! :-) Nice one mate.
Glad you liked the Ben Westbeech stuff on Cubik by the way.
Sorry haven't been reachin' out too much-been super busy with all kinds of bizness.