Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's been a minute since SoundNexx showed some luv to the Reggae music genre. It's sad, but true! Honestly, when I surf the thousands of blogsites throughout the vast internet world, I hardly ever see post about reggae artists and/or the music. Do you remember when reggae music was poppin' over here in the United States? That's back when urban radio had a lot more diversity in selection. Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you heard a true reggae song on the radio? An before you think it, Akon's "just outta prison jingles" are not considered real reggae music, so please don't go dere ya bloodclot! I'm talking about the Bob Marley, Shabba Ranks, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Aswad, Thriller U and Inner Circle type of reggae music. Yes, the good ole' reggae music days. Back in the day when it was okay to get sweaty from doing the Butterfly Dance until the wee hours of the morning! That Mad Cobra song "Flex" used to get the ladies real frisky on the dancefloor at the club, so I would always demand that the DJ play it even if I was at a 70's Old School Back Jam Party dammit! There would be a definite discrepacy if the DJ forgot to play it before the club night was over. Mysteriously, the DJ would be missing one of the foam pads off of his favorite pair of headphones, or the microphone would suddenly go out? He'd think there was some ole' Rod Serling "Twightlight Zone" type ish going on up in the club, but it was just me getting revenge for not being allowed to get my reggae slow grind on with a gorgeous female for a few precious minutes! Do you know why? Because nobody messes with SoundNexx's quality time with da lovely ladies, and I mean nobody dammit!

Out of all of the reggae crooners I've enjoyed over the years, I would have to say that Maxi Priest was one of my favorites. Everyone loves the legendary Bob Marley, so there is no reason to compare him to the rest. He's in a league all his own. Maxi's voice is something special though! His soothing harmonies are top notch, and he's had several classics that are still some of my favorite tracks even today. Hearing Maxi's albums got me more interested in the smoother side of reggae music. Before hearing Maxi, all I bought was the hardcore chant type of reggae artists like Shabba Ranks and Supercat. As I went on shopping quest to broaden my reggae horizon, I came across a series of artists that fell into the "Lover's Rock" reggae music category. Lover's Rock is basically reggae music about love, life and relationships. The LR vibes are normally mellow and full of hynotic rhythms. Sometimes, these artist even rework many of our soulful contemporary classics and give them a Caribbean vibrations. It's good stuff no matter how you spin it! For your listening pleasure, I have put together a compilation of my favorite Lover's Rock Reggae tracks. Even if you think you hate reggae music, listen to this mix to be sure you really feel that way. So, grab yourself a mixed drink, a plate of jerk chicken, get relaxed and put your ears on this mix for sure!


01-Deborahe Glascow - Give Me That Touch
02-Frankie Paul - Can't Stop
03-Marcia Griffiths feat. Cutty Ranks - Half Idiot
04-Luciano - Set Me Free
05-Half Pint - Substitute Lover
06-Peter Hunningale - Mister Vibes
07-Sandra Cross - I Adore You
08-Chaka Demus & Pliers - Let's Make It Tonite
09-Jocelyn Brown - Day Dreaming
10-Gregory Isaacs - Too Good To Be True
11-Judith Gayle - Dream Lover
12-Kofi & John McClean - I'm Still In Love
13-Peter Hunningale - Time For Love
14-Wendy Walker - Stop Playing Around
15-China Black - Searching
16-Kofi - Coming Down To See Me
17-Mikey Simpson - Save A Little Bit
18-Pure Silk feat. Wendy Walker - Make My Dreams A Reality
19-Junior Tucker - Do You Think I'm Sexy



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Thanks for posting these J, I will download this mix as soon as I get home today.


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