Monday, April 23, 2007

As I have mentioned several times over the months that I have been running this blog, Detroit has a large underground hip-hop scene. Most of them are unknowns for the most part though, so when the average person thinks about Detroit hip-hop...names like Eminem, J Dilla, Slum Village, ICP, Royce, Obie Trice, Black Milk, etc. come to mind first. That's very understandable actually. Truth be told though, there are a lot more talented artists from Detroit that have actually been putting in serious work for years. Reppin' the "D" to the fullest! One of my favorites is an emcee named Phat Kat a.k.a Ronnie Cash! I am a big fan of Phat Kat's mostly because he's very raw with his lyrics. He's an emcee's emcee! You know the type that is always on the grind, hardworking and always trying to write the best verses he can write. Not overly flashy, but very consistent in his approach to making music. He tells the stories for the brothas still in the hood that seem to get overlooked, and he definitely hasn't forgotten where he came from either. Instead of only talking about the luxury automobile he drives or how much money he has in his pocket, you may hear a story about his moms having diabetes or how he ate government cheese as a child. Stories that the average person may actually be able to relate too? Phat Kat has released plenty of music over the years with the legendary producer J Dilla (R.I.P), but there has only been on official album release entitled "The Undeniable LP" from 2004. In my opinion that is Kat's best work to date, so if you like J Dilla production and hardcore street type lyrics give it a listen. All PG rated type listeners keep it moving...

It's 2007 and Phat Kat is back with his new album "Carte Blanche" that drops on May 8th! Like Black Milk did with his "Popular Demand" joint, I think this new album is the one that just may put Phat Kat on everyone's radar. Lyrically...PK seems to sharper than a razor while the majority of the production duties are being held by none other than J Dilla and Black Milk! Dilla and Milk did leave a couple of joints for the other B.R. Gunna Young RJ to lace as well. Phat Kat's featured guests include Detroit's own Elzhi, Guilty Simpson, Melanie Rutherford, Fat Ray and Truth Hurts! Yep, that Truth Hurts who did that Rakim featured R&B joint a few years back. Talking about missing in action! Anyway, no matter how you slice this Phat Kat album it sounds like a banger, so don't sleep on it.


Phat Kat feat. Elzhi - Cold Steel

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