Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As urban music goes through a definite transition, many once loyal fans seem to have lost their way over recent years. The once fan favorites who were considered royalty in the game are slowly falling from their thrones one by one, leaving many feeling hopeless. Radio and video stations are no help during these trying times because they are only concerned with the dollars, so relying on them for the answers is a fruitless venture as well! Is there no hope? Well of course there is dammit!! Have you ever heard of the Polyrhythm-Addicts? Of course you haven't, but I think this crew of talents has what it takes to shine some needed light on this dim state of hip-hop? On April 24, 2007 they will be releasing their second album "Break Glass," which should put a smile on true hip-hop headz faces? The album title comes from the phrase "Break glass during an emergency" and this is definitely a hip-hop emergency. The Polys have been missing in action since 1999 when they dropped their highly slept on debut "Rhyme Releted" album. Back then the Poly crew members consisted of DJ Spinna, Mr. Complex, Shabaam Sahdeeq & Apani B Fly! For whatever reason, Apani is not apart of the crew on the new album? She has been replaced by a newcomer named Tiye Phoenix. Personally, I feel that Apani is one of the tightest MCs in the game (male or female), but she's still pretty unknown on the mainstream scene. As far as female MCs go though, she definitely holds the number 2 spot behind the NY Wordplay Queen Jean Grae! With that being said, Tiye Phoenix has some big stilettos to fill, but she can definitely handle her own on the M-I-C.

Not since the Wu-Tang Clan and The Justus League has their been such a force of diverse MCs united together in one group. Each one with their own original style and delivery technique brings something fresh to the hip-hop table. The best thing about this whole endeavor in my opinion is that all of the production is being handled by my main man DJ Spinna! Spinna is definitely in my top 10 for all time producers because of his versatility. Not many DJ/Producers can produce solid tracks in hip-hop, soul and house music, plus make a dope remix for just about any artist on the planet! When he's in Poly mode though, Spinna is strictly hip-hop. Just like back in his Jigmastaz days, Spinna does spit a few solid bars to show he can still hang with any other producer on the mic. Some so-called emcees too! For the most part though the majority of rhymes are delivered by the other three MCs. If you are unfamiliar with underground vets like Mr. Complex and Shabaam Sahdeeq, it's time to do some hip-hop homework. Both of these katz are pretty good at what they do, so while you are waiting for the new Poly joint to drop, you can go back and seek out their solo albums. Get a little of the Apani flava too while you're at it. You need that for sure! Stop buying the cosmic slop and support that good hip-hop..!

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