Monday, April 02, 2007

The pretty lady in the photo on the left is Joss Stone. Honestly, I thought she was going to be another one of those Pink type artists actually? Do any of you folks remember when the singer Pink sounded R&Bish? Don't try to act like it was just me dammit! When she dropped her debut album "You Can't Take Me Home" back in 2000, it was definitely catered to the urban mainstream audience in my opinion. Pink found success with that first album too, then she flipped the script and went punk-rock n' roll on us after that. Traitor! I'm not mad at her for being true to herself musically, but it bothers me how some artists/record labels use the urban arena to get a buzz then totally abandon us altogether in the end. Jennifer Lopez a.k.a J-HoHo, Vanilla Ice Cream and even Michael Jackson a.k.a Mr. Touchie-Feelie have all turned their backs on the urban audience at one point in their careers. Give me a moment (SoundNexx grabs a tissue) I shed a tear for the artists that have vanished from urban radio and video stations around the world. They won't be missed, and when they try to come back to us after their careers are finally toiletrized we should show them the same courteousy. That'll teach them to leave us high & dry...

Alright dammit, back to my girl Joss Stone! Joss has remained very consistent over the years. I have personally enjoyed all three of her albums very much. I currently have her lastest album "Introducing Joss Stone" in heavy rotation. There are plenty of great songs throughout the album, and I hope she is able to pull a Beyonce and have five singles off of one album? I really doubt that would ever happen for Joss, but you can't blame a man for wishing! Okay, this post will start to go downhill from here? For some anyway! I don't normally get into the whole media "he said, she said" rumor/gossip BS, but I was intrigued when I read this little tidbit on the internet. So, I thought I'd share it just to get your opinions about the subject if you choose to leave one. Rumor has it that Joss Stone & Christina Aguilera have both offered to exchange sex to have certain producers (Dallas Austin & Raphael Saadiq) work on her music?? One of them took the deal and the other supposedly didn't? Rumor also has it that Joss is currently dating Raphael Saadiq?? Some fans feel that if these type actions are proven true it could damage their careers?? Please spare me! Sexual favors have been used to get ahead for centuries, so it would unfair to ostracize them and allow Janet to go unscathed... What do you folk think? If you don't really give a damn, I totally understand your position.

Okay...boys and girls, it's mixx time again. I have been meaning to post this mixx for awhile now, but it's better late than never! This joint is filled with soulful bliss that will hopefully put a smile on your faces as it did mines? How can you go wrong with De La Soul, Dwele, RaheemDeVaughn, Phonte, Diana Ross & Jermaine Stewart all in the same mixx? U just can't dammit, so make sure you put your weary ears on this one for real....


01-Sunshine Anderson - Problems
02-Zo feat. Phonte - Africa
03-De La Soul - Trying People
04-W. Ellington feat. Raheem DeVaughn - Everlastin
05-Will.I.Am feat. Sy Smith - Lay Me Down
06-Dion feat. Talib Kweli - Let It Go
07-Jazzy Jeff feat. Little Brother - Whatever U Want
08-A Tribe Called Quest feat. Erykah Badu - I C U (Doin It)
09-Joss Stone - Proper Nice
10-Yahzarah - Hour Glass
11-Dwele - That's The Way of The World
12-Jazzy Jeff feat. Raheem DeVaughn - My Soul Ain't For Sale
13-Porche' King - Make You Feel Real Good
14-Diana Ross - Upside Down
15-Secret Weapon - Must Be The Music
16-Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off


In other SoundNexx Mixx Newz:

I don't normally repost mixes once the link is dead, but since I have gotten a lot of request to make this one available you go!


Also, I got a lot of emails telling me that the TeddyRileyJamz Mixx file was currupted, so I converted it to MP3 from WMA and reposted the link as well. It should be good to go now.



travis said...

thanks man, she's just now catching my attention, and she's looking pretty good as well.....not that matters, but I'm enjoying her music

Sage said...

Another HOT MIX for the Ipod SoundNexx!! I am loving the LB and De La Soul tracks!


Paul Barra said...

I need single Yahzarah Hourglass.mp3 please...